Monday, February 15, 2010

Keith Larson Takes Rodney Monroe to Task!

If you missed it last Friday when Keith Larson took the Rodney Monroe - Marcus Jackson Cover - Up to a new level during the entire 10 o'clock hour, it is worth a listen. You can download the entire hour in a pod cast here. I think its fair enough to say he gets a little intense and rightfully so.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cedar, for keeping this on the front page.

They really are under the "cone of silence" on this at CMPD now. Hoping it will all go away...please do not let this go away.

What Monroe has done to CMPD since he has been here would have been unimaginable a year ago. Well, maybe some of us imagined it, when we found out about his bogus college degree and how he "handled" that, i.e., was disingenuous about it.

But this, LYING TO THE PUBLIC about what happened within CMPD regarding Marcus Jackson should not go away.....rodney monroe should go away.

But first he should answer to the public about the lies he has told and the cover up he has perpetrated on the people of Charlotte and CMPD.

And for what he has done to CMPD, and how he has treated the officers of CMPD.

Again, thanks to you and JAT and Keith for exposing rodney and what he is doing at CMPD. And for showing how horrible and non responsive our City Council is.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding the link to Keith Larson. If you haven't heard the hour you need to give it a play. Not one, zilch, zero, nada, spoke up to defend "Webster"

His days are numbered!

Anonymous said...

I heard over the weekend from a major in the command staff a that they all had to change the password to log in to the CMPD system. I'd assume that is so Webster's goons can track any emails sent to WFAE, Keith Larson, Jeff Taylor or Cedar Posts.

So how low will the Webster go?

Low buddy Real low.

Anonymous said...

If you log onto CMPD with your password, it TRACKS EVERY WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN on the CMPD sites....and IA can check your emails whenever they want, which means rodney can check your emails...big brother is definitely watching!

And from what I understand, they (rodney and his goons) check up on anyone they suspect to see where they have been on the site. And have someone checking all others.

That is why it is so difficult for anyone to get ANY info.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear what Rodney said about COMPSTAT on WBT?

The man just CANNOT stop lying.
I truly believe he is a compulsive liar.

He said there is NO pressure with Compstat and NOone would EVER lose their job if their numbers were up.

Yea, right, wait until later this year when the kind of numbers will be unattainable unless people start cheating worse than they do now. Reclassifying crimes, bundling, encouraging officers to
not report robberies as robberies, etc.,etc.

And officers that don't use these
"tricks" and sacrifice their integrity are the real heros, not the members of command staff that are letting it be known that they want them to be unethical in order to get the numbers down.

It's ALL a NUMBERS GAME, COMPSTAT ia all a numbers game, with the requisite screaming, yelling and humiliation at compstat meetings.

And the "fake" recognition of those that are fiddling with reporting to keep their numbers down.

I am told this over and over and over again by officers at CMPD, officers I trust, so I believe them.

Rodney, on the other hand, has a history and track record of LYING, so I wouldn't trust him as far as I could spit.

But once again, he tries to "spin" his crappy methods......when will it end?

Anonymous said...

Rodney said that COMPSTAT "has evolved away from the pressure cooker mentality".....that is just surreal, hearing that.

Because THAT IS WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT, the way rodney has used it at CMPD.

He came in with COMPSTAT with both barrels blazing, with the weekly screaming, yelling, humiliation, putting people on the spot.

He and ray/ray, or has he forgotten?