Friday, February 5, 2010

Lindsey Vonn SI Cover

There is a lot of buzz this AM about the Sports Illustrated cover that features the ultra cute Lindsey Vonn.

Some pervey minds suggest the photo is simply sexual exploitation to sell the magazine. Ya think? Hummmm well ok she does have a pretty nice back side, but wait I get it .... the prudes have an issue with her boots.

Now honestly you have been looking at the above photo for the last five minutes and you have already googled "Lindsey Vonn" for more pics of her haven't you?

Funny you haven't even noticed that the graphics on her suit spell USA! Ya didn't notice did you? For more Cedar Posts about skiing read The Mountian.

Speaking of hottie young women and SI, the annual swimsuit issue is up next week and the talk is Charlotte's own Brooklyn Decker will grace the cover. Creative Loafing chats it up with the Brooklyn right here.
Decker's Twitter is here.


Anonymous said...

I will admit it, I am a perv. Very stimulating picture of a beautiful young woman in a proper position for skiing, but of course my demented mind drifts to less proper things.

Anonymous said...

Best post of the WEEK!

I came in early to see if you had any news about Rutt Mutt and you gave me a bonus!

I might even have a reason to watch NBC next week!