Saturday, February 6, 2010

Martray Proctor Revisted

A little less than a year ago CMPD Officer Martray Proctor killed a young 20 year old women Shatona Robinson while racing down Old Statesville Road.

In the following weeks Chief Rodney Monroe's spin was what we can now call predicable.

Monroe called the death “an unfortunate and tragic incident" and he promised a thorough investigation. “It's not something we take lightly or will investigate lightly.”

But when asked direct questions Chief Monroe was unable to utter anything beyond sentence fragments, in fact unless it was a scripted question and Chief often seemed confused.

Still Monroe did promise a full accounting and to make changes in the department.

But all that talk turned to dust when Proctor was charged with felony manslaughter and the public forgot all about the death of Shatona Robinson.

From most accounts Proctor was a good cop when compared to Marcus Jackson, yet less than four months later CMPD officer Peter Lombardo and Marcus Jackson are speeding more than 70 miles an hour down Central Avenue, with Lombardo crashing his cruiser at the intersection of Central Avenue and St. George Street.

Despite the promises of Chief Monroe to "not take lightly" the death of Shatona Robinson, Jackson was only given an inactive suspension and Lombardo a one day suspension for doing the exact same thing Proctor was doing when he crashed four months earlier.

In neither case was this an accident, in both cases this was a consequence. Chief Monroe's failure to command, his failure to lead by example, his continued lack of ethics, and management style has built a culture within the CMPD where of being above the law is the status quo.

A year ago I made the point that Chief Monroe came from a culture and background where police and city leaders where above the law, and that his management style would eventually lead to a tragic events before the city of Charlotte woke up.

Charlotte it is now way past time to Wake Up!


Anonymous said...

"In neither case was this an accident, in both cases this was a consequence."


Anonymous said...

He means both Officers made a choice to do this and the aftermath was the "consequence" of their decision.

Anonymous said... many lawsuits are out there involving "reverse discrimination" in police department hiring and promotion practices? What does the EEOC say about it?

Anonymous said...

All this stuff about Rodney can't be true or something would have been done about it....give it up

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36
Tell rodney and his friends that these lame posts on here in an attempt to dissuade people are useless.

The cat is out of the bag, he's not going back in.....only more and more people will step up and more and more revelations about what is really going on at CMPD are coming.

Wait for it!

Yeah, right, something would have been done about City Council stepping in and doing the right, legal thing?

I would wager a bet that SOMETHING is being done about it....wait for that, too! The SBI and the FBI are not unaware of what is going I have heard.

ThaQueenCity said...
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ThaQueenCity said...

So unti somebody decides to "step in" great cops will leave, more people will be harmed or killed by the rogue officers RuttMutt has allowed to be hired, we the citizens will continue to be lied to and the City Council will continue to close their eyes and support this arrogant piece of crap!

BUT I bet the crime stats won't go up....LOL. Only at CMPD will the casualities rise, but we'll never know!

Does anyone else this the BOCC & CC need to be investigated as well?

The General said...

To Queen City. I have to agree with you..In Reference to speeding on central ave. You would have to be a rookie or a young officer to ever speed on Central Ave. Obviously everyone has forgotten and failed to show these young officers what happens when you speed and have an accident. Remember the Flaherty case? An entire family killed by an officer speeding on central. How about the williams case where a female was killed in a car accident. How about the Accident at south blvd and archdale,I cant remember the officer's name, he made it from the LEC to south and archdale in just 7 minutes and killed an employee of burger king just getting off from work. The CMPD has and has had for many years rookie officers training rookies. A major fallacy in the training program. Killing innocent people in our line of work is not acceptable. Wake up !!!

Anonymous said...

So if they don't show up fast enough, they're wrong...if they speed to get where they need to be and get hit by a cab...they're wrong. Get a life people. It's easy to criticize when it isn't your neck on the line.

Anonymous said...

Please give more information on what the SBI and FBI are doing. I am too fearful to come forward. Please.

Anonymous said...

Now doesn't this take a strange twist.You can kill someone doing two times over the posted speed limin and still manage to be employed in law enforcement, even though in another state. This article is back in 2000.