Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Susan Burgess on WBT

City Council member Susan Burgess talks with Keith Larson.

She says she believes and trusts Rodney Monroe. You can listen to Charlotte's Susan Burgess tell Keith Larson there are other rough officers at CMPD, here.


Anonymous said...

Got to love the "Deer in the Headlights" photo. The picture says it all: "I'm a few fries shy of a happy meal."

Anonymous said...

OMG What is she smoking?

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the whole interview with Susan Burgess....

I have some information that may be usefull to Susan Burgess, listen up:


Now, City Council HIRED Curt Walton.

So it seems you are all in the same bed together, and that doesn't look good, believe me.

I hope she can live with her absolute refusal to look at the truth.

The TRUTH is out there, Cedar, are they really that CLUELESS that they think this is going to "GO AWAY". PLEASE, this is NOT going away, THE CHIEF OF POLICE OF CHARLOTTE, NC HAS BEEN CAUGHT LYING, LYING TO CITY COUNCIL, THE PUBLIC, THE MEDIA, and perhaps Curt Walton. I think Curt Walton knows what is in the Internal Affairs Reports and thus is protecting himself and Rodney by not allowing the Internal Affairs Investigations and Personnel File of Marcus Jackson opened to City Council.

So Mssss Burgess, keep up the head in the sand routine, see how that works out for you when this won't go away, and in fact gets WORSE.


Yet YOU CHOSE to believe him in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Voters have rather LONG memories, and they don't like their elected officials involved in any kind of a cover up.

Anonymous said...

You got to ask yourself honestly knowing what you know today about Rodney Monroe would you hire him?

So why are we even here? Fire the SOB and let's move on.

JAT said...

Actually, Suze let drop something very interesting. She said she wanted to "protect the position of the city."

Now what the hell does that mean besides try to make sure that the city does not have to pay out large settlements over this matter?

Clearly Curt Walton and Mac McCarley have told council that full disclosure exposes the city to additional liability, hence that is to be avoided. But that is NOT their job.

They are not equipped or empowered to make the value judgment that costing the city $1m., $5m. or $10m. in civil settlements is prima facie wrong. That expense and exposure may well be the right and proper course of action IF public trust in CMPD is in the balance.

City government is NOT the community of Charlotte. It is that old confusion between government and civil society. Government exists to serve civil society, not the other way around.

The General said...

When the civil trial comes , do you think the attorney for the plaintiffs will subpeona everyone that knows the truth. How about ostrove, anderson, davis, smith,pearsall.monroe. NOW OFFICER!! under oath tell me how much cover up was done to, and how much information was left out of ,jacksons file when it went to civil service. And why not subpeona the civil service members? Do they still have a copy of the very short document that was submitted to them. I bet one of them does. The paperwork which will ultimately prove monroe and his cronies are all lying, to preserve their future retirements, will show up one day. This will be settled out of court, count on it.

Anonymous said...

Right you are!!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame it is going to take subpoenas to coerce people to do the right thing.

There is no honor in keeping silent while rodney and his cronies systematically destroy the CMPD and its reputation.

I understand the fear, but at the end of the day, is that the way you want to remember this? That people of integrity were cowered into keeping silent by a disingenuous Bully?

Anonymous said...

She's an idiot, Dulin and Cooksey are too. OMG and they are the republicans!

JAT said...

3:32, Suze is a Demo.

We have true bipartisanship on city council.

Anonymous said...

Bad judgment and a lack of integrity are certainly "bipartisan"...and seem to be abundant on Charlotte City Council.

But, really, could you make up two more idiotic characters than Kooksey and Dullard? Followed closely behind by Turner and Burgess.

Their "plausible" deniability is just not cutting it.

The General said...

When the Reserve fiasco was going on Patsy Kinsey and Andy Dulin were both given all the inside information as to the lies of monroe. Their response was the same as burgess' was today. They just couldnt believe monroe would lie to them. Every lie he told about the Reserves just had to be true. They trusted him. Wake up City council. Any more of them interview on the radio and we will have all one party of idiots. FOOLS and IDIOTS

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Reserve Fiasco and Vicky Foster's part in that with her Private security firm has yet to be addressed....but it's coming, hopefully, I hear.

Just another slimy thing that has happened under romo.

Anonymous said...

Susan said that Jackson was not hired under Rodney Monroe, you just better get over that, Susan.


The ISSUE is that UNDER RODNEY MONROE, Jackson was given TWO SUSPENSIONS, one for lying on a police report/speeding and the other for breaking into the apartment of his ex wife....with recommended suspensions, and IN A MEMO TO RODNEY, HE WAS INFORMED OF THE SECOND SUSPENSION....WHICH HE HAS DENIED OVER AND OVER.

And there seems to be some "understanding" about whether or not to report this between Mint Hill PD AND RODNEY MONROE...and it was consequently not reported. Only after an IA investigation was documented....and I am sure rodney hated that!!cr

Dear Susan,
Rodney is not being truthful, there is a MEMO from a MAJOR clearly telling Rodney about the SECOND suspension.

So, rodney has lied about what the first suspension was for, and lied about knowing about the second suspension.

This is the person responsible for setting the integrity, ethics and honesty at CMPD....

And I would wager a big 'ole bet that Curt Walton is covering this up, too.

And if you don't open your eyes, you will also be guilty of conspiracy and cover up.

Do you need any more information, draw you a picture, maybe???

Anonymous said...

OMG!! Just proves how out of touch she really is!! She doesn't even know the officer in questions NAME!! Do you really think she is paying attention to what is going on?
Listen to the interview.... she calls him Marcus JOHNSON at least twice during the interview!!
Hey's Marcus JACKSON!!
The city of Charlotte should be so very proud!! Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have to ask this, I just saw a report on a homicide on TV.

There was a Captain Zincon? I think....whoever he is, KEEP HIM OFF THE NEWS, he is really bad and a total dork.

Isn't that what Rob Tufano is supposed to be doing, anyhow? Isn't that what the whole PR Dept. is for?
How much are their combined salaries?
And they aren't speaking for the Dept.? Why not? Are they just speaking for Rodney, or for the Department?
I think they need a whole new PR Department, Tufano has no credibility after the whole "Hypothetical speeding" thing.

They clearly need all the help they AREN'T getting.

Anonymous said...

She is wrong -- Jackson was absolutely hired under Monroe -- Monroe is the one who signed off on him being recommended to Civil Service. Jackson submitted an application before Monroe got there BUT WAS APPROVED FOR HIRE UNDER MONROE!!!!! This blame-shifting she wants to do is just pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Rodney's daughters "baby daddy" who just got through the academy now has a special "detective" type job!!
Is that true?

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true fast track promoted because he was a cop in Richmond or maybe DC Metro.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:44
Please tell me that is not true....
After the whole debacle with him and the car, gas card, speeding, being served while at the Academy for failure to pay child support, for a child he had by ANOTHER woman in Richmond??
And he was at first turned down at the Academy, and only after rodney intervened (he does that A LOT) was he finally accepted????

This is who you are talking about, he is in a Special unit or a Detective now?????? If this is true, Rodney is truly "out of touch with reality", I mean deeply out of touch with reality.



He has been out of the Academy and in a plum job already for how long?
Not even a year???

Anonymous said...

She is a joke!

Somewhere Cedar Posts said Charlotte Deserves Better and I couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

Wahhh,enough already.
sounds like a lot of you are a bit miffed that rodney came into town and now you're going to be held accountable. No more free rides and cushy assignments, if the public only really knew about the old boys club under prince darrell. Talk about a disgraceful administration. This new guy comes in and you lose your take home cars and he gives them to patrol, gets you out from behind the desks, changes assignments and makes you work for that check. Hope you enjoyed the free ride cause the party is over and the community is better because of it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone realize that ROMO sat in several academy classes with Marcus Jackson? They were fellow students in several BLET topic classes when ROMO had to attend certain topics mandated by the state to become sworn in NC.

JAT said...

Anon 1:34 --

I approved of and supported Monroe's inital changes to get more feet on the beat -- and I said so at the time.

I also supported Monroe in his runs with do-nothing DA Peter Gilchrist, especially floating the notiont that CMPD MIGHT have to go to other jurisdictions for justice, a brilliant tactical move which really POd neighboring DAs, racheting up pressure on Gilchrist.

I also applauded Monroe for firing a $112K PR flack and compared the move favorably to Pete Gorman stockpiling six-figure sidekicks at CMS.

Little did I know that Monroe would eventually grow that dept. several times over.

So please, can the notion that critics of Monroe's handling of the Jackson matter have had an axe to grind or are somehow disgruntled former desk jockets.

We are just citizens and tax-payers trying to figure out what the hell is going on with OUR police force.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:34
The only one getting a cushy ride is rodney monroe.

Even with his fake degree, people were willing to give him every chance.

His first year here he was over two million dollars over budget, WITH NO RAISES FOR HIS OFFICERS.

This year he is already two million over budget...and once again it looks like NO RAISES FOR HIS OFFICERS.

How much did it cost to rewrap those police cars?

Not to mention the way he has totally misrepresented the crime stats...people are FINALLY digging into that and caching on. Theyu are reporting the crime stats in a totally different way than they had ever been counted...period.

So, let's see, his track record started with a lie, and it looks like it is going to finish with an even bigger lie. And he has totally ruined the reputation of a once highly respected police department.

Yea, we're real lucky to have rodney at the helm.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:37
You are 100% correct!! And they keep trying to spin it that "he wasn't hired under rodney"...when that isn't even the point now.

Charlotte is going to end up like Detroit if they keep heading in the same direction they are heading in with Rodney Monroe.

And it is looking more and more like Curt Walton is every bit as corrupt as I am told Rodney Monroe is.

IMHO, Charlotte needs to take a long hard look at the "city manager" form of government it currently has....Curt Walton HAS WAY TOO MUCH POWER, UNCHECKED POWER, and it seems City Council is really virtually useless.

With Curt Walton GIVING Foxx his new PR person it seems that now the Foxx Fix is in, and we won't see Foxx supporting a further investigation of our lying, corrupt Police Chief. How convenient. I am surprised that Foxx's wife didn't get the position. Also, really, WAS THIS POSITION POSTED ANYWHERE FOR QUALIFIED PEOPLE TO APPLY? Or did 'ole Curt in all his benevolence just present it with a red bow to
Foxx to assure questions are not asked.

Well, guys, I think it is way too late for that, and this latest bit of bribery by Curt just makes matters worse.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there my CMPD employee's. The discrimination lawsuits are on the way. That is the good news. The bad news is the City knows this and is already saving $$$ to answer the charges. Therefore, no matter what, there will be no significant raises for a few years. Keep your heads down, survive the storm, and plan for a better situation. IT IS COMING!

Anonymous said...

Suzy Burgie is drinking the coolaid!