Wednesday, February 3, 2010

WFAE Uncovers the Jackson Suspension

While the cash strapped Observer and even local television news has moved on to fresh news, WFAE keeps digging into the Marcus Jackson case.

Turns out much of what has been said here on Cedar Posts is correct to a considerable degree. Now comes word from WFAE that backs up an earlier report by WSOC that many on City Council including Andy Dulin discounted as a non-event.

There is no doubt that Chief Monroe who controls CMPD internal affairs gave Jackson as free pass after Jackson falsified a police report about a July 11, 2009 accident involving a fellow police officer.

From WFAE:

Charlotte City Council last week decided not to review the personnel file of former Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officer Marcus Jackson.

Jackson is accused of sexually assaulting five women he pulled over on traffic stops and one woman who called 911 for help with a domestic disturbance. Overall, he's been indicted on 15 charges.

But the rookie officer received the attention of CMPD's Internal Affairs division even before the first charges were filed against him. There are still unanswered questions about that investigation. Among them: Why did officer Jackson change a police report one month after he filed it?

WFAE’s Victoria Cherrie and Lisa Miller full report is here.

WFAE's report sheds new light on a apparent cover up that started at the top and filtered down the chain of command. Chief Monroe's effort to spin the Jackson story as a mistake prior to his arrival in Charlotte is unraveling. Rob Tufano's efforts to turn the media away have also been part of the cover up. Meanwhile Charlotte's City Council has been complicit, by allowing the cover up to continue.

What is not known is why Internal Affairs recommended punishment for speeding but not for lying on the police report, the recommendation according to a 37 year veteran of CMPD should have definitely more than the 16 hour in active suspension.

Jackson was clearly shown favoritism of some sort, all that remains now is to determine why and if he had been treated differently would the attacks on five Charlotte women have occurred.

Regardless we have a Police Chief who lies, condones lying and if he's lying about this what else is he not being truthful about. Frankly Charlotte deserves better.


Anonymous said...

How many people have to say it in how many different ways before rodney monroe is investigated?

Clearly, Marcus Jackson lied on a police report. He was a POLICE OFFICER and he lied on a report.

He has made people question the integrity of all Officers at CMPD,
a real and clear disservice to them.

And he was aided in doing this by rodney monroe. Who gave Marcus a free pass for the sake of his agenda of diversity. Plain and simple, there aren't any other "layers" to this story. The only "backstory" should be rodney's personal agenda of sacrificing the integrity, efficiency and honor of CMPD to promote unrealistic PERSONAL expectations for diversity.

It has now become a cover up, by rodney monroe, curt walton, and city council.

And once again, there were two suspensions, and from what I hear, rodney lowered the suspension in at least one of them. These suspensions were the result of extensive IA investigations.

Once again, rodney thumbed his nose at IA, cutting them off at the knees.

Rodney doesn't like IA, because it is their task to unearth wrongdoing and corruption....draw your own conclusions.

Anonymous said...

RoMo lied, there is no excuse, and we as you have said deserve better!

But come on with a phony degree that he lied about did you really expect anything other than more lies?

Anonymous said...

What I have a hard time getting, is how do the people at CMPD on command staff, that KNOW exactly what is going on, how do they NOT do anything?

I mean, aren't they then much like City Council? Looking the other way while all this crap goes on? Just hoping it won't get so bad before he leaves that there is still something left to salvage of the reputation and standing of CMPD?

I mean, come on, everyone knows there were two suspensions, and Rob Tufano just as well admitted to that when he said oh so coyly, "in the one case I SAW", QUALIFICATION, QUALIFICATION SAVING HIS BUTT ANSWER.

So, there were TWO,we need the WHOLE truth about this.

And thanks to Cedar and WFAE for not letting this go.

I mean, this man, rodney monroe, is running the POLICE DEPARTMENT!! His code of personal conduct influences his way of operating, and that influences CMPD greatly, and thus the COMMUNITY AND PEOPLE OF CHARLOTTE GREATLY.

His track record is looking pretty dismal, pretty dismal.

Will people let this continue and refuse to address it?

Is the whole city corrupt?
United Way
Harry Jones

City Council??? Curt Walton?

Curt Walton who hired rodney monroe
knowing his reputation and the controversy surrounding him with his non college degree.

What does that say about Curt Walton, the fact that he didn't care?

Anonymous said...

Jackson should have be canned it is clear the Monroe or someone in the Command Staff gave him the free pass.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:00
I agree.

Anonymous said...

Talk about promoting "unrealistic personal expectations for diversity" (Anon 1:49), I hear Sherie Pearsall is an acting deputy chief at the moment. Now I know that this is not an official promotion and Romo had to do something to avoid another show of favortism to Vicki Foster, but c' an acting promotion to someone who has shot up the promotional ladder, bypassing all the minimum requirement, and has the least qualifications and experience? You'd think nothing would surprise me by now, but I'm just amazed at the lengths Romo will go.

The General said...

The only D/C posiiton I can find open is that of Ken Millers. They moved Ken to David Grahams position over Homocide, crime against persons, etc. So if this is true I guess old Ken is getting pay back for all the crap he has done in the past to many officers, especially the female ones. There was a period several years ago when any female officer who had medical problems was forced by Ken to retire because in his infinite wisdom they were not fit for duty. He has never been fit for duty to his mental state. What goes around comes around Ken. Lets just hope he doesnt screw with Cam and Paul and screw up that unit.. And this is the perfect place to put Pearsall, Ms "you got issues" as her favorite saying goes. She is definitely one to talk. Monore and she can then try to hide further his screw ups and hers for getting jackson into the academy when he wasnt recommended to be in the first place. And of course all the other ones hired with arrests records, drug usages, etc. What a professional department this has become to be. I feel for you guys and gals.

The General said...

Someone out there tell me how jackson got to be the investigating officer on the 10-50 of the patrol unit when he was following it at the same speed.?? He should have been a witness and it should have been obvious they both were lying as to the speed of the police vehicles. Who was the SGT that approved that report in KBCOPS.

Anonymous said...

Come on, folks, when will everyone understand? He just does not give a flying you know what, he really doesn't.

Sherie Pearsall has been singled out by Romo from the very beginning, from day one at CMPD. I'm not sure what the connection is. I know they go to the same church, she went to Leadership Charlotte with his wife. He promoted her way before she was ready...from what I hear, her ego is huge (sound familiar) and her leadership skills are lacking (sound familiar)?

So he promoted her to Major, changed the Directives to do that, promoted her before many others that were more deserving,that had more experience, more tenure, and were better qualified.

He then sent her to be the Major in charge over the Academy....which she promptly left to go to the FBI Academy for three months. That was on rodney's recommendation also.

I am told no one respects her, and the way she got her promotions. And I am told you should see her "Wall of Fame"....every single plaque or letter since first grade she has on her wall.

Remember when rodney called her in downtown when President Obama was in town so she could have her picture taken with him? I remember reading that on here.

She and rodney seem to be cut from the same cloth.

This is just so over the top it's not, it is kind of funny!

Rodney truly does see himself as being way above suffering any consequences for his poor judgment and lack of integrity and ethics.

Look at his history, it seems he has gotten away with misrepresenting himself and the truth wherever he has been.

Will the media and the public, and more importantly, CMPD, allow it to continue?

The General said...

The connection between monroe and pearsall started way before he came here. How you ask? Try asking Vicki Foster. Naw, I'll just tell you. Foster ran her security company in DC,VA, at the NBA games. Sheree worked for her and her "fiancee" for many years, as did lots of other cmpd officers. Several times these same officers worked for foster in a security capacity outside of their jusrisdiction. They also worked events here in Charlotte thru her security company. Paid in cash? yes!! Against policy? Who cares?? They didnt. They were setting in motion monroes trip to Charlotte. And here he is..And now he pays them back with promotions, parties, FBI academy, etc. Its god to have friends amd make that kind of money but never would I cross that integrity line.

Anonymous said...

Do you have specfic knowledge of the security company that you describe? I'd like to hear more if you would be willing to share. I am open to any suggested methods of communication.

An intersted party

Anonymous said...

Check out the side bar under Rodney Monroe Papers on the right. Down about a quarter of the why is Cedar's CMPD Major Vicki Foster.

That post just about covers it.

Anonymous said...

I hear that Frisbee Football is back on!!

It seems romo's ego will not let him let it die a peaceful death.

I hear it will now be OFF DUTY, well, DUH, as it should have been from the beginning but for the bad judgment of rodney monroe.

I am told that officers are once again being pressured to play.

And now they will have to claim any injuries on their personal insurance....which many don't want to do.

Some more news coming down the pike....wait for it.

Anonymous said...

One big problem is that rodney has way too much unsupervised power, and he is on a HUGE power trip.

He has no one that he must answer to.

We saw how it worked out when he went before the very body of government that should be overseeing and supervising him, they shut their eyes, covered their ears, and said, "no, no, no, we don't want to know, go away".
And then we have Curt Walton, who HIRED Rodney Monroe...and we are relying on Curt Walton to be honest about and supervise him?

Rodney Monroe is absolutely not telling the truth about this, and I have heard this from WAY too many people not to believe it.

Rodney Monroe needs to go, he absolutely needs to be fired.
He has absolutely lied from the time he got here, it started with his college degree.

How can he be trusted?

Why should we trust him?

We shouldn't, absolutely we shouldn't!

His history and track record speak volumes about his character and integrity....and he seems to have little of either.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:34, responding to my 10:22 post, I am an avid reader of this blog and have read about Foster. I am looking for more detailed information on all fronts. I am willing to discuss anonymous channels to receive information if people are willing to provide it. Inference, suggestion, and vague posts will not save the day here. Many visiting this blog are law enforcement officers, pleading for someone to investigate these matters. What WE as law enforcement officers know is that almost nothing gets a serious look without specific info provided by individuals willing to step up and put it in the right hands.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Pete on WBT, 3-6, he is filling in for Tara Servatius...
his whole show was dedicated to this story.

Really good stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:56

You are absolutely correct.

But often getting that information in the first place puts the Officers careers in jeopardy.

Rodney is one vengeful little guy, and it seems will go to extreme lengths to "punish" people.

So, while I agree with you 100%, it's often, in reality, a difficult decision to make.

But if people DON'T step up and do the right thing, rodney will continue to tear down and tear apart CMPD.

I think a Whistleblower Hotline should be instituted, with protection for people that desperately WANT to tell the truth about what is going on at CMPD.

These people need protection to be able to tell the truth, sad but true.

The General said...

The truth has been told and continues to be told but no one will listen. Obviously you are not listening or you are a plant. The truth was told about his degree. The truth was told about the cooking of the numbers. The truth was told about fosters security company, The truth was told how he changed the system to promote pearsall. The truth was told how he lied about the reserve unit. The truth is being told about marcus jackson cover up. What more truth do you want. NO ONE WITHIN THE CITY OF CHARLOTTE COUNCIL WILL LISTEN. MAYBE THE MAYOR WILL, HE SEEMS TO WANT TO BUT BEING SO NEW IN HIS POSITION IS HE WILLING TO FORCE THE ISSUE OF DISCOVERING THE TRUTH..

Anonymous said...


As a law enforcement officer who does not work for CMPD and reads this blog continuously, I do pay attention. I understand being frustrated and apprehensive about providing info, but the fact of the matter is that smoke or rumor surrounding certain events or situations does not make evidence. Most that post to this blog do so in such a fashion that does not help the outside observer understand everything, especially when they are not specifically acquainted with people or situations because they do not work at CMPD. I'm sorry my offer to listen was poorly received. Your post about Pearsall working for Foster contained information that appears no where else on this blog which is why I was interested. My offer stands as previously stated.

Anonymous said...

I have done MUCH on here to get the truth out there, so please don't infer I am a freaking "plant"...I am the farthest from that.

I am just saying that the TRUTH in this matter requires proof for anyone to take it seriously, and needs people to not be afraid to provide that truth.

Sure everyone does know the truth, but you see where that got people with City Council...."they couldn't handle the truth".

In order to get documents out there and to enable people to talk freely, they need to not be afraid of repercussions......that's what I am saying....some level of protection from rodney and HIS "plants".

Cedar Posts said...

CP has contact info for the General so back channel via and we will work it out. BTW Council is on a retreat and RoMo is the hot topic. Now is the time.

JAT said...

Here's what someone needs to ask councilman Wayne Turner -- the point man for the suspension was for a minor thing line which was spread among city council to help convince them to leave matters to Curt Walton and the Chief -- Is an officer filing a misleading/false police report a minor matter?

That's is all I want to hear now.

Anonymous said...

Rodney and Curt are the "co-conspirators" in Jacksongate.

They are desperately trying to hold on to any kind of credibility, and THEIR JOBS.

So naturally they will continue to cover for one's the perfect "alibi"....neither one wants to give the other one up.....and NO ONE ELSE IS holding either one of them responsible for this mess, and they are the ones whose feet should be held to the fire RIGHT NOW.

And then someone should sue the heck out of City Council for turning a blind eye to everything that has been going on at CMPD.

For it is them that has enabled curt and rodney to be beholden to NO ONE. There is virtually NO OVERSIGHT, AS EVIDENCED BY THEIR REFUSING TO EVEN LOOK AT THE JACKSON FILE.

Amazing, just amazing!

Anonymous said...

Are we to be surprised that a chief who lies about his degree doesn’t fire a guy who lies on a report?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:34


But I guess it comes as a great surprise to Curt Walton and City Council, huh?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to do the survey on which DC are the biggest suck-ups?

I know it may seem trivial, but it would show a lot about how things are going at CMPD and who is respected and who is not.

Anonymous said...

The biggest issue that I think regarding Romo's blatant disrespect towards CMPD, ethics, and the law is that most people that would be willing to stand up against him and his inner circle just don't have the concrete evidence to do so. Most of what all of us know is just hearsay. We know it's true, we've seen the outcome and we've heard everything from too many sources for it to just be rumor. However, most of us just don't have anything on paper or whatever to go in front of someone of authority to say "here it is." The sad thing is, those that do have that information (command staff) seem too unwilling or too concerned with their own a**es to bring that information forward. Until someone with access to that information brings it out or someone of authority comes in and finds it, this will all continue to fester and make life for all CMPD miserable.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone heard about the new $750,000 mobile computer program that the department is rolling out with that provides the same information that officers receive in roll call? CMPD is supposedly purchasing a new information program that shows hot spots, crime trends, etc that is going to cost six figures. There goes raises for another year. Yippie!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:29
You are correct in everything you said, couldn't agree with you more.

And I have heard from many people that when Ray leaves, rodney is planning on making Ricky Robbins his COS.....think about that, that is one scary thought, can you imagine??
He and rodney are just alike.

Anonymous said...

Every poster on here is correct. Virtually every member of command staff knows, but won't tell due to job security. Also some actually like this Chief because his expectations are elementary at best. So this travesty shall continue, and I feel for our officers.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and I hear DC KM is the absolute worst, with the others somewhere in between, with KP being the least taken in by rodney.

Anonymous said...

KM has his issues, but he has taken more abuse from Monroe than just about anybody and he has stood up to him on a number of issues, to no avail. HM isn't just drinking the koolaide, he's mixing it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:40
Now that is just the opposite of what I have heard about KM.

(His name and arrogant, snotty and pretentious are often mentioned together.) I've heard he has the "big 'ole head", just like rodney!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:55
As I said, he has his issues, but I know for certain he and Monroe are not cut from the same cloth. I also know he has often been on the receiving end of Monroe's wrath.

Anonymous said...

I've heard KM is just biding his time at CMPD waiting for his next "job" anyhow...just looking to make a name for himself before he moves on.

DC transplant said...


I am a DC transplant and I can give you names of other officers who in DC worked off duty with their patrol vehicles for special assignments under Fosters Boyfriend/Fiancee whatever you want to call him. I know of one paticular Detective who used his unmarked vehicle to transport people around and follow certian Congressional members and dignitary's all you have to do is ask DC police it was a very lucrative off duty gig that was under the table...Guess who worked there as well...ROMO so yes you have connected the dots appropriartley..

Anonymous said...

FILL IN THE BLANK......If this would have been a _____ officer he would have been terminated no questions asked.

The General said...

OK My apologies to you..I have been under the weather for a few days so now lets gets cracking again. To 11:06 pm 2/4/10 send all that info to cedar posts. You can bet it will be put out there. Our ability to have written documentation of everything we need to prove allegations lies in the inability to have access to those documents. Proof of the security company being run by Foster lied in the archives of secondary employment records headed by Kornberg.Another monroe crony. They have probably been deleted by now or I should say were deleted way back when. The officers that worked for her are still employed. Daresay they will not even think of shooting themselves in the foot. We need pics from DC..There have to be some out there on the webb.
And back to KM..thats easier to say because he is despised so much. I wonder if he remembers telling SGTs at one of his I am God meetings, as to the fact that "He was going to be a deputy chief one day no matter who he had to step on". and i quote!!! Well he made it and he sure inflicted a lot of pain upon great officers on his way up. So I feel no sorry or pain for him..He is just getting what he deserves.

The General said...

I never thought old HM would go so far off the deep end as he has since monroe came. What a changed person. That rank really went to his head. And anyone who abuses people just to make themselves look good no matter if they beleive it is right or not has fallen so far from the graces of professionalism they may never make it back. Old HM has really made some enemies, and he so reminds me of KM. Two peas in a pod ..HM is just smart enough to not disagree with monroe...When monroe leaves HM will have so many enemies his mental state may never return to normalcy.IF KM is standing up for Officers finally in his disagreements with Monroe then kudos to him or is he just trying to get his way.. I think the latter!

Anonymous said...

Why is there not a response to The General's question of how jackson became the reporting offier on the accident report. And also his second question, Who was the approving SGT on the report?..I know you cant pull up the report due to that lovely I got you system in KBCOPS, but someone out there has to know

Anonymous said...

IMHO, stick a fork in rodney, he's done.

For all the dirty, back room dealing he has done, not just since arriving in Charlotte, but for his whole career, he may be finding that karma is a bitch.

His credibility is shot, that started with his lack of a legitimate college degree and has just been in a downward spiral ever since.

I really believe that you cannot treat people, and the department, the way he has and continues to do and there NOT be MAJOR repercussions.

With the internet, newspapapers, etc., you just can't operate in the shadows as you once could.

People talk about dishonest, corrupt things, these things always float to the surface.

If you step on so many people, there are bound to be a few that just had flesh wounds that will one day take a stand and speak out.

I think this is happening now....
and with ray/ray leaving, he is truly going to be lost, which is a good thing.

I really don't believe that anyone else is going to cover for him and do his dirty work for him, I hope.
Well, okay, I can think of a couple, even as I type this...okay, more than a couple.

But hopefully sanity will prevail and honesty, ethics and integrity will make a comeback.

The General said...

Concerning the 750,000 the department is spending, I think its a good move. Every dollar spent which keeps the patrol officers informed, and safe is worth it.The not getting a pay raise complaint does not get it. And it keeps the officers in their vehicles, and in the field instead of in the office. The more officers in the field the more back up you have and the quicker they get there. Your lives come first. The 24,000 for the party, the new offices for command staff, the new uniforms for command staff, the rodney mobile, the position of COS, and on and on is where you complain,,,NOT about what keeps you safe.