Thursday, March 25, 2010

CMPD's Vicki Foster Says "We Are Over Budget"

WSOC is reporting that CMPD wants $1 from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, saying it needs the money to continue to keep schools safe.

In the WSOC report that aired Thursday night Foster said that the police department’s contract calls for the schools to pay $2.375 million for resource officers next year, but the year after that CMPD is asking schools to pay $3.6 million.

“We’re also over budget, like most agencies now, and we’re looking at ways to save money, so it’s just an option,” Foster said.

But CMS officials disagree saying they aren't over budget, that CMS has always remained within the budget guidelines set down by the Mecklenburg BOCC.

No real news here, everyone knew Chief Monroe has been spending money like there will be no tomorrow, but this is the first time one of his command staff admited not only are they over budget but they think everyone else is as well.

Fail CMPD!

The Meck Deck's Jeff Taylor takes it all one step more asking if the CMPD has turned crackhead worth the read here.


Anonymous said...

Idiots, all really can't make this stuff up.

ThaQueenCity said...

Well, let's see if ANYONE, i.e. Walton, and the City are going to start looking at all the $$ Monroe has spent and question some of it?

I doubt it though, Walton is too scared that he will look he needs any more help there!

Anonymous said...

No surprise here, but they are crazy if they think taxpayers are going to let schools, parks and roads go to hell while they continue to pad their pockets and rank and file officers again see nothing in the way of pay raises.

Anonymous said...

Cedar they dont care they think as long as crime is down they can do whatever the F they want.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: March 26, 2010 1:24 PM

It wouldn't be so bad if crime was TRULY down! But we all KNOW for a FACT that they are just counted differently!

Anonymous said...

And how is Major Fosters' security company doing?

The one she "doesn't" own with her fiancee?

The one in D.C.?

Anonymous said...

Can you just imagine if Foster was "promoted" to Deputy Chief? Can you imagine all the "baggage" she will bring with her? OMG!

(And I use the term "promoted" loosely.)

I mean, her "Security" company, her ties with rodney, being his real estate "agent", oh yeah, she also has that "side" business.

Just think of all the contacts she can make to further her other "careers".

What a joke.

Anonymous said...

What other "side" business?

Anonymous said...

I guess the drunken sailor is coming to. Changing offices at the whim, multiple layers of overlapping jobs. Wow.

In a time of "tightening the belt", CMPD has suddenly realized the money tree is bare.

I am disappointed with the leadership and saddened with the direction we are headed.

Anonymous said...

"Side" business of Realtor, THAT side business.

Sorry if that wasn't clear.

Anonymous said...

While I agree Cedar should watch his back, Foster and Monroe live in "glass houses", and I wouldn't think they would be throwing stones at ANYONE.

And if they "use" the police department, ANY part of the police department to research ANYTHING for their own vendettas, that would be such an abuse of power I can't imagine the crapstorm that it would produce.

I am sure "people" will be compelled to testify, under oath, in the civil lawsuits that are coming from the Marcus Jackson ain't over, folks, until the Fat Lady sings!!

And it is known to many that Foster was deeply involved in the Private Security Firm that her "fiancee" seemingly operates "on his own" now.....I don't think she would like that looked into too deeply.

People that use their "positions" to try to bully, cower and threaten people, well, it never works out for them in the end.

Corrupt and inept people continue to run things, and many good people, good people like the General,leave rather than work for them.