Monday, March 1, 2010

First Frisbee Golf and Now Paintball

CP gets a lot of email from CMPD officers wanting to share some of their frustration about a command staff the just doesn't get. Some of the stuff is down right funny, but not serious enough by itself to make a story. Other information helps fill in a few blanks or confirms something that was passed along weeks ago. Then there are the things that get filed under "yeah right or whatever" which normally means deleated trash.

Every once and a while I'll have to pull an outlandish email out of the trash because weeks later someone else pasts along another unrelated tidbit and suddenly the dots connect.

Months ago Cedar Posts received an email that described a hotel room that CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe maintained for confidential staff meetings and rendezvous with close female friends. The email went on to say that the suite was a freeby provided to the Chief free of charge. But without details or hard facts, Cedar Posts just tossed the email in the trash adding it to the ever growing pile of baseless charges and rumors.

But darn if Charlotte Observer's Mary Newsom doesn't mention in her blog "The Naked City" that Chief Monroe had recently complained about the noise from the Epic Center bars that can be heard by guests spending the night at the Ritz Carlton.

And so this little bit of information drops into the Cedar Posts in box.

Seems the CMPD boys out in Steel Creek like to play "Paint Ball" and that a Sgt Brown along with the help of a CMPD Officer Lane have put together a little paintball game. The "on the clock" rec activity will be held in Marshville, NC this Friday.

But here is the rub, the event is invitation only and excludes all except those who Brown and Lane consider their best buds on the FMT squad that Sgt Brown is the supervisor.

If the email is correct, CMPD command has approved "on the clock" paintball games in the past but this is the first time there has been CMPD paid paintball games held out of town, which no doubt adds additional costs to the "on the clock" recreational activity.

It will be interesting to see how the participating officers time cards reflect Friday's duty hours.


JAT said...

Hmmm, someone -- might just be me -- needs to mosey out to Paintball Kingdom in Marshville on Friday with a camera and see if any CMPD vehicles roll up.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Newsome's blog from 12/7/09 actually states "Monroe was giving the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission a presentation Monday and mentioned the police were getting noise complaints from patrons of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, which just opened Oct. 1." You must be running out of material to bring this up now and to put such a slant on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if there is any connection, just seems kinda odd that the Chief would complain about noise in the hotel and not the hotel. Seriously do really think hotel guests are calling the police about noise from a bar?


Anonymous said...

Do you really think officers will play paintball on duty? Is there not a simple way to track what hours they work? It sounds like someone is making a lot of noise because their feelings were hurt. How old are you? How about becoming a man and voice your opinions at the office instead of hiding behind some blog on a website. This site actually provides some good information, lets not degrade it's message with some playground crying. You are part of the problem, not the solution. Have your facts in hand before you type some bogus fiction about fellow officers.

JAT said...

Anon, 4:02...

Um, we already know that some officers played Frisbee Golf on duty -- why is it such an obvious leap to wonder if this will not extend to paintball as well?

Anyone with details of the off-duty nature of the event is welcome to email me at meckdeck(a)

Anonymous said...

In service training is monitored by the training academy, why not hold it a Bubba's Den, hmmm, since it probably got shot down since the waste of money from Romo and other City Departments can't afford it, heck, they can't even keep up to date with the equipment needed. It doesn't surprise me A Bit to hear that this type have activity was organized and now of course since it has been exposed, bet those good ole boys will think twice about where and what they do with on duty time since officers in the past have been punished and some even fired for misrepresenting their time. Shame on those that do that and shame on those that give the other Good Fair Upstanding Officers mud on their uniforms they wear so proudly. Thank you Cedar Post, your site may have saved someone's jog And may have those that like to cheat the system think twice so no need to man up or woman up, anyone with Any common sense knows the best way to get information is to be Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I guess I would rather wait and see if it DID happen before I called out officers for something that had not yet taken place. You have had some good posts JAT, jumping on someone elses obvious hurt feelings seems unlike you. I am not sure what went on with the golf thing but the original post here has his own agenda.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:47

You are correct sir, the lack of officer training has pushed officers to come up with new and creative ways to train themselves. How do you expect officers to maintian any level if training if they are not allowed to train? We have been lucky as a department with only a few minor incidents druing entries. The skills needed to be safe during dynamic entries are perishable and reps are the only way to maintain them. The department is sending offficers into situations with little to no training and it is only a matter of time before we see some serious incidents. Do they really think the small block of training you get in High risk warrant school is enough? How long does a rookie go before he actually does a dynamic entry?

Paintball on duty a bad idea? I say yes if it is for leisure and you are using it for that purpose only. Does no one see the benefit of that type of training, is it far from sims trainig we used to do? If the officers take the appropriate measures for their time then there is NO issue with duty hours.

Cedar Posts said...

I'm all for paintball. Even more so if it help officers develope skills needed for running gun battles. Static fire is one thing firing on the run is something else.

So it makes sense to me.

But at the same time if there wasn't such a lake of honesty and CMPD over budget by 2.5 million this wouldn't be a question.

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone needs a tissue. Is this appropriate for on duty? Yes, because there is a point behind the training. I guess we could just run around saying "bang", that's kind of like getting shot at right? You also might want to check your sources, as someone close to this that knows more than the crybaby that brought it up, the officers are paying for this out of their own pockets.

Anonymous said...

WOW, something Touched a nerve, since, asking for a man up, but yet Those Now complaining, still post as anonymous, So here is your tissue, since you Can't post other than that, my tissue is that I post Anonymous because I can for a voice of others, and before you respond with Show Yourself, like before, you Haven't, too all those TRUE Hardworking Officers, Stay True, BE Proud! Those that know..Know, and to all even with the badge, no matter What, Stay Safe

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 8:31 so what you are saying is this is fact. Some officers in the Steel Creek Div are going to play paint ball on Friday while on duty, but that are going to pay for the paint ball games at Paintball Kingdon. So the city is still on the hook for the hours, the transport and the on the job workers comp claims.

So what is to cry about? Sounds like the officers who suck up, get perks and those who don't get left out.

So how brown is your nose anyway 8:31?

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show more and more CMPD officers are speaking up and passing along stuff. Won't be long before someone dumps a pile of doctored crime stats on CP's desk.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the police are playing paintball, look out, this is the end!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, you post anon because you are some sort of vocal hero for those who cannot or will not speak up...GOOD ONE! I bet a couple of you are posting on this site while riding around in your patrol car. It is amazing that this thing is still going on and idiots are still saying that the officers are using transport, hours and workmans comp for anm event that has not taken place? Are you kidding me? So, you have the game already played, the officers driving police vehicles and others getting injured...when you look into your crystal ball could you please see if we will get a raise this year?

Keep up the good work Robin Hood of the webpage (Anon 9:52) you represent the tired masses that cannot type.

ThaQueenCity said...
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Anonymous said...

You are a moron ThaQueenCity...can you read? I assume you cannot because your comment is as accurate as your spelling. When you post "hear" you really mean you post "here" but I would expect nothing less from you.

ThaQueenCity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I realize the last comments make no sense. It was a demonstration of how moronic ThaQueenCity posts continue to be.

ThaQueenCity said...

OK, for all those who know me I am pretty vocal (to say the least) and VERY passionate about this City & County corruption, maybe sometimes TOO much so....SO I have decided starting tonight I am going to take a step back and TRULY hold my tongue from this point forward :-) Wonder how long I will last?

But before I start ONE last word...


I am assuming you work for RuttMutt, ummm, I think I heard him calling for a his BUTTler, MIGHT that be YOU? I hear you might be able to find him (like I said I "hear") at the Ritz have some sorta staph meeting...

OK, starting now :-) SO CP & followers how long do you think my new peaceful loving attitude will last?

ThaQueenCity said...

Oh, by the way did ya notice I don't post anonymously unlike you?

I have a right to my opinion rather you and your master like it or not!

DANG I did it new attitude went right out tha dang door! Thank God I don't gamble, I'd be broke!

OK starting NOW then :-) FOR REAL (quit laughing) I am serious, I have been told I get too angry and spew out some nasty words....SO from this point forward I am going to try to be nice.....

(sorry ya'll I wrote them to the wrong idiot....) And to the one who can't spell "hear" again dummy! If can "hear" you then you are here??? Ahhh, heck get a dictionary!

OK, so I am NOT doing so good at first attempts ...

ThaQueenCity said...

Compliments, compliments, and coming from such a fine upstanding citizen, just a little too scared to say who he is though....go home sweety, mommy will tuck you in and scare away all those big monsters!

ThaQueenCity said...

One day I hope that day is soon we are going to wake up and find:

1) CMPD & Prosecuters working together

2) BOCC & City Council truly being transparent

3) Rodney Monroe admit he has made a lot of mistakes and he is changing his ways

4) A prosecuter who is interested in convictions more so than fighting with law enforcement

5) schools where kids go to learn and will be safe

6) Streets free of crime

7) Education that is affordable for all

8) Jobs that are plentiful

9) No more homelessness or hunger

10) Where people come together no matter what their differences

And I beleive it can happen!

Hope everyone has a great day!

See I told ya I was going to change my ways....

JAT said...

Let me be sure I understand what some of you are saying.

-- CMPD training budget is so depleted that some officers have taken to using paintball as a substitute. On duty. Organized en masse, by division.

That boys and girls is an honest to goodness news story.

And if these officers are on duty, who is covering for them while they are off in Marshville? Does the entire command structure know of this and approve?

Finally, I find it fascinating some have throw up the "hurt feelings" issue, questioning the motivation of someone who would come forward to tell a wider public about what CMPD is doing.

This tells me this "paintball training" is very much viewed as a perk within the department. That too is big news.

Anonymous said...

If paintball is your big problem at CMPD I would be thankful. I work at a police agency in Meck Co. that we have no radio signal in our worst area, had out of date body armor (we got new armor only because OSHA forced them to by it), no back up; on traffic stops, armed robberies, domestics and some weapons do not have any ammunition. I would be thankful that you at least have these items. Much more could be worse for you and be in the same boat that we are in.

Anonymous said...

Anon 705

Thank you. Finally someone with something to really b!tch about other than RoMo and his degree! Now that's a news story, but we probably won't hear about that in the media!!!

And I DON'T work for CMPD...

Anonymous said...

Id like to weigh in on the paintball issue.

I do not work for CMPD. So no tissue necessary. This is more of a taxpayers perspective.

If CMPD wants to have a paintball event for a team building exercise Great.

Do it on the clock, make it a paid event. Have a great time. We dont mind investing in inspirational, motivational, and teambuilding activities for our officers. It should be part of the budget.

I think this type of activity is important for any effective team and something CMPD desperately needs and seems to be lacking. However; certain criteria MUST be followed.

1. ALL Officers MUST be included. (obviously it would be broken into different dates and times with creative scheduling to keep coverage of shifts on the street)

2. It would have to be mandatory because if it is a true teambuilding exercise, you cant opt out of being a team member

3. It should probably include a motivational speaker to remind everyone of why they do what they do and promote the benefits of working as a team prior to the game to qualify.

One of the issues I see with CMPD is that there is little inspirations and too many officers are made to feel less than...

If the paintball games in question were set up by someone above officer status, they need to seriously rethink their leadership skills.

A decent leader would NEVER exclude anyone of the same status. ( meaning if any officers are included, all officers are included, unless it was a goal acheivement event)

All great leaders know that most people tend to rise to your level of expectation. When you promote values, integrity and show them you believe they can be great, they probably will be. When you play popularity games, make people feel excluded and less than, they will be under achievers as a direct reflection of how much you suck.

If you are a CMPD leader and use any of the negative tactics discussed, then go home, slap yourself, call in with the flu, sign yourself up for emergency leadership training and dont go back till you get it.

Anonymous said...

2 more things...

Monroe was giving a presentation to the Mecklenburg planning commission and says that the police were getting noise complaints from Ritz Carlton guests?

1. if this actually did happen, who would bother to bring such trivial information to the Chiefs attention?

2. why would it be such a big deal to him that he brings it up in a presentation? 2+2=57 here.

3. If he was having confidential staff meetings, I would assume those would be held during the day with unlikely noise from the bars at that time.

4. If the hotel comped a room, they would need to put it in a least desirable location. maybe where the most noise is heard?

5. This noise issue must have been bugging the chief a lot.

I can only conclude that this was the Chief's own complaint about noise and therefore he must have been hearing it while he was there at night.

Anonymous said...

Give me a break ! all u people hatin should have to work every weekend , and holidays , ol yea and your kids birthday and your anniversary......and lets see, hum the only reason you wanted to be a police officer in the first place was to serve the citzens of mecklenburg county from the scum that want to rob and rape and murder..... thanks alot queen city. ol did i forget no raise for years now ..... grrrrrrrrrr

Anonymous said...

If there is a method to this training surely you can see the difference between using a paintball gun to provide feedback during an exercise versus going and playing paintball (which is simulated combat and I would contend is still beneficial to someone in an officer capacity).
I used to think that my job was honorable and meaningful. Not just to me, but to my co-workers. I have always felt that even if some idiot made us all look bad the group as a whole would support those officers who try to do the right thing. Since it appears that most of the persons posting here are officers, I see by the posts that my profession is meaningless to large contingent of my co-workers.
I am disappointed to find so many officers willing to allow their discontent with supervision, their last PRD rating, or the path that their career took, to cloud their opinion of everything police related. Personality conflicts happen, favoritism happens, and I agree that sometimes these issues need to be addressed in an official and open manner. I do not always agree with decisions and policies made by the chain of command, but I would never allow that to push me to call officers names, criticize their integrity, or question the work ethic of officers that I do not know because of training that I do not know the specifics of nor am I a part of.
Maybe those criticizing should ask themselves some tough questions. Why am I not seeking out training opportunities myself? Am I willing to take responsibility for my own career and not blame others for the things that happen to me? Am I doing this job to just collect a pay check? How long has it been since I took a hard look at why I am doing this job?
We are all officers and patrol is the backbone of this or any department. This job can be thankless enough. So why are so many officers so quick to eat their own?

Anonymous said...

Because they have been eaten by their own and going through the proper chain apparently does not work in the now current system. Training, YES, but to only have a Select group, NO. Instead of having the higher ups or those that are the select few be able to drive new cars, new equipment, etc this what I have read is a post from the Real officers that still give a damn about their job, beyond the paycheck, since apparently the ones that are there to collect a paycheck and are retired on duty and part of the Select club, are the ones using this to goof off. This type of training could have been held at Bubba's Den, yet no answer of why it isn't other then to reinforce, it was not approved. Kudos for those that want to improve themselves for Their good, but that won't get added in on your record as certification as approved training, as I read this is about some that are only looking for a way to use this to get a free day off without using their personal time. And what is sad, those that are there, the Majority that are there still busting their rear end, proud to wear the badge, will be the ones to feel the backlash since the others apparently don't care what the do or how they do it that their co workers have to pay for by putting a smear on the badge. I have always supported CMPD, so it seems the tide is changing for those that are willing to really take pride in what they do, to some how some way be able to come forward and tell the others that passed a test to get the badge, that do just enough to get by, Enough is Enough. Lets make it a level playing field. You want your back up to show up, not in the back of their head thinking as they hear you call for help, let me finish my lunch, phone call un related to work then I will go, that is what this is nurturing, any hesitation can cost anyone their life, any hesitation from back up can cost that officers life. Thank you for the hard working officers, you don't hear it enough during these trying times of issues, but there are those that Do appreciate it.