Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I get a lot of grief for the way I say birthday. I tend to pronunce it "Birf-day", I say tire funny too.

Having an April birthday is great no matter how you pronounce it. April is far enough away from Christmas that someone is bound to buy you a gift and because it is not yet summer people are never too busy to show up for a few drinks. I do alright when it comes to my birthday.

I've honestly has some great birthday's over the years.

Still the best was when I turned 30. Someone and to this day I don't know who, gave out my office telephone number to the world. The phone started to ring around 9 in the morning, the first call was a girl who said she wanted to wish me a happy birthday and then proceeded to tell me in great detail and very graphically what she would like to do to me..... and promptly hung up.

These calls continued all day. All the callers were female, some calls were short and PG, others were long and X rated. No one left a number, or a name. Some of the voices were familiar but most were not.

In all, there were more than 100 phone calls. To this day no one has ever confessed. Which makes it the best birthday gag ever. I'm still wondering who the hell put all those people up to that fourteen years later.

One year not so long ago the girls in the office ordered a cake from Harris Teeter. I'm not sure what the real story is but the small cake said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOB" of course my name isn't Bob.

The explanation goes, they called it in and the bakery clerk wrote down Bob instead of BOSS. What I really think happened was someone ordered a cake for Bob and never picked it up. So the marked down cake was good enough, and I still laugh about it.

So now I've reached that point where birthdays don't matter as much. I'm told after 60 you begin to look forward to birthdays again. After 80 every year is another victory and after 90 you just have to laugh at your good fortune.

But this year, I think I'll have a drink with Bob, and wait to see if my phone will ring.


ThaQueenCity said...

Happy Birthday Cedar :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Keep up the good work