Friday, April 9, 2010

CMPD Crime Numbers Down Again!

Of course crime is down again you didn't think crime was up did you?

That is what CMPD Chief Monroe is telling Charlotte this week, that crime "overal" is down.

Of course the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department is also saying crime statistics for the month of March showed a jump in the number of homicides and residential break-ins.

There were 9 homicides reported January through March of last year. During the same period this year, the number was 14 or a 56 percent increase.

So murder is up 56% in a single quarter which means murder is up better than 224% on an annualized basis. TWO HUNDRED PERCENT! We can really have fun with numbers.

Keep in mind 50% decline in crime one year and a 100% increase in crime the next can also be reported as no change over 2 years.

Of course as Cedar has said before, you can't control homicides. No amount of police on the street will stop murders.

Residential break-ins jumped as well but commercial break-ins are down. I don't know about you but to me it sounds like CMPD is playing a game of "Wack a Mole".

Frankly who knows were the truth is anyway?

When Chief Monroe was asked by WCNC's Sonja Gantt about rigging the crime stats, he replied "What? I'm hiding bodies?" never really addressing the phony crime numbers.

I've got to agree with Chief Monroe, there is no way he can hide 14 bodies and if the last three months are an indication he might want come up with a plan "B".

If the trend is more murders and more home break-ins but over all the crime is down, I suggest that over all is nice but the two things that concern me most, is violent crime and home break-ins.

These crime numbers are going to catch up with Chief Monroe, and the homicide rate is a pretty good indicator something is just not adding up.

You can read more about the crime stats at WBTV's web site which is here.


Anonymous said...

Great blog entry and analysis, Cedar, and spot on.

The kinds of numbers they were showing just cannot be maintained, because they were "forced", i.e.,
manipulated and misrepresented.

ThaQueenCity said...

Yep, you can only lie for so long before you eventually get caught! And we ALL know Monroe has done nothing but lie since the day he got here!

Anonymous said...

Let's see how he does with ray/ray gone, until he decides on his next consigliere that does his dirty work for letting people know how he wants things manipulated.

It is really criminal what those two have done to the reputation of CMPD.
And not just the reputation, but to the fabric of the department.

NO ONE trusts anyone anymore, it's friend against friend: if it means you have to be a butt smoocher to curry rodney's favor and throw your
friends under the bus, then that is what you do.

I guess you could look at it another way, rodney and ray/ray have appealed to the baser instincts of people.

And those people have actually shown their "true" colors.

Because if it wasn't there to begin with, then rodney and ray/ray couldn't have so easily tapped into it now could they?

I guess what is so shocking, is that no one, not one single person has actually stood up to either of them. On any issues.

And that CMPD has allowed a CIVILIAN to virtually run the department and make major decisions.....someone that is not even a sworn officer.

How the hell did THAT happen?

Anonymous said...

If you want to see another Monroe-like, arrogant crook, look at Reggie Lloyd, director of SLED in SC

Anonymous said...

The stats had always been in coloration. Murder goes up, all assaults go up. If you go back several years and look, you see them match up. Officers who used the SARA model of community policing learned how to read stats to measure their success. The numbers now seem strange.

If you want to slow down House Breaking or Store Breaking, start working the drug areas. They are not doing B&E's to buy pampers. Kill the snake at the head. Stop cutting the rattler off. It will still bite you in the end.

Anonymous said...

It is officially "official", Ray/Ray is leaving the end of the month.

What will rodney do without his Bagman and Buffer? Will he replace Ray/Ray? Will they make the same outrageous salary? Curious minds want to know!

Will he now finally announce the "promotions" so people can get back to doing their jobs instead of the heavy campaigning to be promoted?

Who will be his right hand "person" that will carry out all of his nefarious commands? Will it be Foster? Will "Brownie" Zincann be his new "major" domo?

Will Ricky Robbins slide sideways into this job? Instead of staying where he is in the job that rodney CREATED for him, with his nice new salary and take home car that used to be rodney's?

The possibilities are endless, and we wait with bated breath!

But this is the way rodney likes it, from what I have heard about him, he loves to keep dangling that carrot to keep people kissing his butt....he loves that control over peoples lives.

Good bye, and from what I hear, good riddance, Ray/Ray. And don't kid yourself, NO ONE, NO ONE is sorry to see you go, except Rodney.

(I guess we might be seeing more of him sooner rather than later when the civil lawsuits hit re:Marcus Jackson!)

Anonymous said...

I think you need a new poll, Cedar!

About how much more damage ray/ray can do in the few weeks he has left before he leaves.

From what I hear, he is hell bent on wreaking havoc on people that have "crossed" him (not kissed his butt) before he leaves.

Thank goodness he is leaving, and hopefully retiring his particular brand of "policing".

What an unhappy, mean spirited "person" he seems to be from what I hear.

And one that knows very little about modern day policing, and the same applies to his "partner" in crime.

Anonymous said...

One of the worst things about RayRay...dude spits A LOT when he talks lol

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:12
Now that's some funny stuff!!

Anonymous said...

With the Quail Hollow Tournament coming up soon, it will be interesting to see if rodney and ray/ray will be playing again this year, and WHO will be paying their entry fees this year.

And what FREEBIES they will be loading into their trunks....but wait, maybe they learned from last year.....load those freebies after everyone has left the venue, guys!

It could be ray/ray's "goodbye tour"!

Anonymous said...

Noticed that rodney, ray/ray, foster and all the IC have been noticeably quiet lately.

Have they discovered that discretion is the better part of valor? :)

Or have they finally realized that every time they open their mouths they insert foot?

Or do they not want the, ahh, untruths recorded for posterity to come back and haunt them?

Odd, once upon a time rodney couldn't get his big mug on camera enough.....

Ever since he was "caught" blatantly lying about Marcus Jackson, maybe he has decided being a media whore is not all it's cracked up to be?

Or maybe it is BECAUSE the cameras are on the CMPD Homicide division that has caused this uncharacteristic shyness from rodney?


Anonymous said...

I have heard from a few different sources that ray/ray is hell bent on "payback" to people he feels have not shown him the proper respect since he has been at CMPD. He's trying to "clean house" before he leaves, flexing that big muscle in his head.

It is truly a shame when "the brass" is buying the koolade, mixing the koolade, and FORCE FEEDING the koolade to all.

It will be so interesting to hear all the excuses rodney's henchmen come up with after he leaves to explain their bizarre behavior and their blindly following him off so many ledges without a question, and why?.... for their very own self preservation.

Wouldn't it be better to "survive" his regime with some vestige of self respect, and with some respect from others?

When he leaves and it becomes public knowledge of exactly what has been going on, it will be amusing to watch the rats jump ship then.

What excuse will they have? They can't realistically say that they didn't know what was going on, can they?

I guess they can, I mean, look at City Council, and Curt the Clown.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore PD is seeing the light about Compstat. Check out this article, which shows that CMPD's infamous Compstat/degradation sessions aren't exclusive to Charlotte:,0,5246686.story
Here's a quote from the article, "But the meetings have been criticized by some officers who say they often devolve into browbeatings. Commanders often take a day or more to compile thick binders of information and are holed up for hours memorizing facts so as not to be caught off-guard. Confrontations are frequent."

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:18

And just google "2010 Compstat Studies" and see what else pops up!

Chief Monroe said, "can't hide the bodies".....

He is probably wishing he could about now, seems homicides are up about 80% over this time last year.

And there's NO WAY crime stats will be able to maintain their supposed "decrease", no way.

It does catch up with you sooner or later, that karma is a beyotch.

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, from talking to people at CMPD, it seems morale has never been lower.

People are very discouraged that rodney and ray/ray seem to have "gotten away" with their dishonest, unethical behavior.

It really is demoralizing to the rank and file.

It's a tired old saying, but still true, LEAD BY EXAMPLE.

And sadly, there are very few real leaders at CMPD now.

I have been told it is amazing and shocking to see the behavior of the
"supposed" leaders at CMPD.

It is ALL about who is going to get promoted.

NOT about the department, the morale, leadership you could be proud of....nope, it's just about the climb up the 'ole ladder. And the fact that I've been told it is so very blatant. It seems people have convinced themselves that no one can see what is going on....when it is so obvious to all.

It's a shame that some real leadership hasn't emerged...

Anonymous said...

The rumor mill is working overtime at CMPD.

It seems lines are being drawn in the sand.

I hear if you come down on the wrong side of this one, you may be opening a can of worms you were not prepared for. It seems the wrong person may have been threatened...and is not going to be "quiet".

Anonymous said...

As others have said, I can't believe someone hasn't hired an attorney already involving the "hostile work environment" that has been created.

But I can see that coming....then how is the "chief" and most of his d.c.'s and their sycophants going to like that? When they are sued personally for creating a hostile work environment?

They are going to go after the wrong person and all hell is going to break loose, media, lawyers, etc. They just don't know there are lines even THEY shouldn't cross.