Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fifth Third Bank Another Reason To Hate Yankees

Besides the crazy name that given our southern accent sounds rather disgusting and raising the fees on former Concord Based First Charter customers, you probably didn't need a another reason to hate this bank. In case you do, here is one more.

Word on the street is that Fifth Third executives have been systematically replacing mid level and senior North Carolina banking officers with Ohio transplants.

News Flash for Fifth Third, we don't like the name, we don't the corporate colors, we don't like your Buckeyes or your weather. We don't think Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame and we don't like the way you have treated people we have known for years as First Charter employees

First Charter was a great "regional bank" and guess what? Ohio is not part of that region. We know things didn't work out like you thought they would when you agreed to aquire First Charter a couple of years ago. But you can't fix what isn't broken when it is really just different.

So...... need a map?

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