Sunday, April 4, 2010

Observer Rolls Out The Tiger Section

In an absurd play to cash in on Tiger Woods frenzy the Charlotte Observer rolled out a new "golf" feature which included stories about Augusta and Tiger, Hookers and Tiger, His school Teacher and Tiger, And Tiger without a shirt.

Ron Green, Sr and his son Junior both pen stories about Tiger and the AP calls the "big tree" behind the Augusta National Club House a "Massive Oak" it is really a "Live Oak" and everyone knows that except the AP.

The reason the Observer's "Special Section" fails is simple, most of Meckburbia's golfers are playing golf this time of year, those of us who have connections or in my case family members who are nice enough to hand over some tickets will be watching golf, neither have any reason to "read about" what we can live.

So Wednesday morning, I will be standing in the cool Georgia air hoping to make my way over to the par 3 course and stake out get prime seats for the par 3 contest.

Augusta is and always will be more than just Tiger Woods, speaking of Tiger my favorite stroy about Tiger Woods is called Tiger Woods and Two Pickeled Eggs.

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Anonymous said...

I liked the Pickled Eggs Story.