Sunday, June 27, 2010

CN2's Nicole Darin is moving to WBTV

CN2's Nicole Darin is moving to WBTV score!

Keeping with WBTV's expanding trend to have women as sports anchors, WBTV has inked a deal to steal cutie Nicole Darin from Rockhill's low budget cable news operation.

Ms. Darin sent this tweet on Friday:

@NicoleDarin: "Hi tweeps! I want you to be the first to know I've accepted a Sports Anchor possition at WBTV in Charlotte! I start at channel 3 on 7/12 :)"

The spunky cutie has a large fan base in Rock Hill and Charlotte but sadly only 103 Twitter followers.

Y'all fix that would you please? Nicole's Twitter Page is here.


Anonymous said...

Good Move WBTV!

unimpressed said...

she kinda has a masculine 'horse-face' thing going on. Will she report alongside Danielle Trotta and Delano?

Anonymous said...

Unumpressed - That is really not a great photo of her, and Danielle Trotta is sadly gone.

Such is the world of buzz media.

Still unimpressed said...

hmpf. Googled Nicole Darin. And, well...

Maybe she is cute in person but in photos she still has the pre-op look (just my opinion- to each his own). Just isn't very feminine. Think WBTV could've done better.

Danielle had her pretty moments on TV. Very nice smile. Any idea where she is going?

I'll give this new girl a shot- but chances are Im switching back to Bartik on Fox.

Anonymous said...

Danielle was the horse, the only reason she was on WBT is they could put her next to Delano Little and she didn't look so bad.

What is up with all the questionable ethnicity at WSOC? Natalie Pasquarella and her am replacement at clones flat chests and same half and half! What is going on?

Anonymous said...

meh. Not feeling her at all. WBT is falling fast. didnt think Danielle was cute, but this girl does look a little manly.

I like Natalie. I think WSOC knows a lot of people do. That's why they keep hiring other anchors who look just like her. If you think about it, the new morning show clone , Robin, is just a replacement for Kala, who also looked just like Natalie. The four blondes on FOX all look alike too.