Thursday, June 10, 2010

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend Except When You Lose One

Cedar's "Baby Sister" is somewhat disaster prone.

She broke her ankle playing putt-putt when she was 11, sat down on a glass in a restaurant booth when she was 13 and received 23 stitches for her trouble.

Had her heart broken a dozen times between high school and graduation day in Chapel Hill and dozen times more since then.

She's had more fender benders than I can count, and those around her have not faired much better, just ask her golf partner who took a line drive bunker shot to the head last summer.

She hardened up when it came to breast cancer, she has dealt with all that comes with the "C" word and never missed a beat.

She married a guy who lives and works in Memphis, even though she lives and works in Charlotte. She has what I call a commuter marriage except she's the only one who commutes. But none of this hardship has ever seemed to phase her.

So "baby sister" in true form sucked it up when she discovered the rather large diamond in her four year old wedding ring was gone on Tuesday night.

Somewhere in SouthPark lay a diamond, on her hand a ring without a stone and since it was well after 10 PM when she discovered it missing there was not a thing she could do about it.

Wednesday AM after racking her brain for a long and sleepless night she guessed Nordstrom. When the doors opened she retraced her visit to the department store. On her hands and knees she searched, and it wasn't long before she attracted the attention of store security.

The security officer's question "can I help you?" brought a long held back flood of tears and it didn't get any better when he told her that the floors had been vacuumed hours ago. The Nordstrom staff took her business card, offered their apologies but very little hope.

30 Minutes later as she was walking into her office her cell phone was ringing, it was Nordstrom. They had dissected two vacuum cleaner bags and found the diamond.

Major Props to the staff at Nordstrom SouthPark!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like all those years of bad luck finally got cashed in for some good luck. Finally a story with a happy ending.

DWright1 said...

Kudos to the Nordstrom staff. That was kind of above-and-beyond, not only finding it (undoubtedly dirty business), but then returning it. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the uplifting story!

Cedar said...

Update: Last week Nordstorm had Cedar's baby sister back to the SouthPark store to video tape her story.

The video will be shown throughout the company to employees and managers later this year.