Friday, June 18, 2010

Hush Hush Continues re: BofA Anthrax Scare

Interesting follow up to the big law enforcement response Uptown at Bank of America Center earlier this week.

Around 1:30 Tuesday there was a massive law enforcement response to the Bank of America Corporate Center at 100 North Tryon Street. CMPD, CFD Hazmat and a couple of crown vics with blacked out windows roared up the street and filed into one of Charlotte's most notable office towers to respond to an anthrax scare.

Numerous personnel converged on the 58th floor after a 911 call posted at 1:39 Tuesday and stayed the balance of the afternoon.

Still nothing at all from The Charlotte Observer or local buzz and hummm media, but plenty of reports from out of state sources on the other packages.

Read here, here and here.

If local sources are correct a package containing "ANT BE-GONE" is what triggered the call to CMPD and others.

Props to Bill Fehr who alerted us on Tuesday and took the time to pull the police report and forward a copy to Cedar Posts.

So the question is why tno coverage in Charlotte? Shouldn't the public know about this new threat? Clearly there is some wacko out there shouldn't we be told the facts so we can smoke this perp out? What if the lack of attention makes the nut case up his/her game to the next more lethal level.

The answer may be that this sort of thing is almost a daily occurrence around the country, apparently there are a lot of people, albeit somewhat mentally unstable who are really pissed off at Bank of America, American Express, Citi Group and I'll assume even BP.

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Anonymous said...

Cedar that might explain why CMPD was so jumpy over at the Amtrack Station this week.