Monday, June 28, 2010

South Police Captain Adjusts to New Job

There is not a lot of good news about Rodney Monroe and the Charlotte Police Department so when some bright news shows up we would be wrong not to push it.

Unfortunatly when this story about CMPD South Division's new captain Jim Wilson ran in the Charlotte Observer back on June 8, 2010 no one noticed and no one commented.

From the Charlotte Observer:

When Jim Wilson visited south Charlotte in 1981, it felt like the edge of the world.

Wilson was a freshman from Fayetteville, and his high school football team was playing South Mecklenburg High for the state championship.

"We drove through the woods to get there," said Wilson. "Highway 51 was the edge of life."

Now 43, Wilson is the new captain of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's South Division, an area that's exploding with growth; so much growth that South Meck High, off Park Road, is now in one of the northernmost parts of the division.

Of the 13 patrol divisions, South is one of the largest, covering 57 square miles and a population of 141,000.

Wilson took the position about a month ago, replacing Rod Golding, who now is captain of CMPD's homicide unit. Wilson said he shares Golding's vision for the area and plans to continue increasing police visibility in the community, informing the public about their greatest safety concerns and how they can address them, and telling the public how they can get involved.

The rest of the story is here.


Anonymous said...

I'll give you credit for re-posting this story Cedar... Unfortunately it looks like the same results!!!

Anonymous said...

From what I am told, the new Captain is a good guy, just wanting to keep his head under the radar and do a good job......which is almost impossible with rodney around.

Nothing has changed at CMPD, rodney has just learned to keep a lower profile, as someone else posted on here. His cheap shots and asshole moves are being done more "behind closed doors". But make no mistake, from what I am told, he has not changed his modus operandi one single bit.

And so it goes, probably for at least two more years until he can collect another retirement.

The biggest "complaint", of many, many complaints, is that he just is not a very sharp guy. Doesn't understand concepts, ideas, etc.

Which is why he has taken the dept. back in time, not moving forward as it should be.

But, oh well, Curt and the rest of the clowns on CC are happy to let him keep plucking money from the tree and producing the laughable decreases.

Karma has a way of popping up when you least expect it. And truly, what goes around, does eventually come around.