Thursday, July 15, 2010

CMPD Officer Shoots Ground Claims Ground Made a Sudden Move

In a Barney Fife moment CMPD Officer Sean Parker, who’s been with CMPD since 2001, made a simple mistake and discharged his weapon into the ground.

Folks it happens, and thankfully no one was hurt. Back to the range for some remedial training to make everyone feel better and that should be the end of that. What troubles me is the ineptness of CMPD's public information staff, but more about that later.

Discharging your weapon by accident, isn't a big deal except to the officer on the other end of non stop jokes. I know I've been there, I was maybe 14 when I had my Dick Cheney moment and accidentally discharged my 12 gauge shot gun while out with my father and grandfather.

Crossing a road, and negotiating a fence in rural Illinois duck country, the quiet of that cool fall afternoon was interrupted by the blast of my 12 gauge Browning shot gun and sudden explosion of dirt less than five feet away.

I suspect that John Moses Browning would not have be pleased how I handled the pump action shotgun he designed, but my grandfather and father never said a word. The only indication of that heart stopping moment was some fine scotch they shared after we returned home.

As for CMPD, the circus act of note was the "Cover-up" mode the department went into after first reporting the "suspect" had fired on officers.

According to media sources, in an initial press release, spokesman Officer Robert Fey said a man then pulled a handgun from his waistband and fired a shot. Fey said police called out their helicopter and K-9 units to chase the fleeing suspect and found him a short time later.

Fey said a "police dog" found a handgun in bushes along Franklin Avenue after the man was taken into custody.

Then about 90 minutes after releasing their initial explanation, police held a news conference to clarify the facts of the shooting.

Police now say the only person who fired was Officer Parker, who is assigned to the Metro Division. He fired his gun into the ground while attempting to draw it from holster, police said.

Their initial explanation was based on witness statements and evidence gathered at the scene, they said.

Late Wednesday, spokeswoman Officer Rosalyn Harrington would not say whether there is any indication that Parker intentionally misled police about who fired the shot. His administrative leave is standard procedure. She also refused to identify the three people detained during the incident or say whether they were still in custody.

Do they even have a clue how to run a public relations office at a police department?


JAT said...

I thought Rob Tufano had all this squared away.

Seriously, if NO arrests were/are made in the matter, just how big of a potential cock-up would this be? It would mean there was no breaking-and-entering. Do we even no for certain there was a non-CMPD gun at the scene?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened. I wasn't there...but...
I think during the action of chasing and tracking, after the shot was fired, Officer Fey grabbed the first Officer and asked what happened. We must remember that Officer Parker doesn't raise his hand and sit down waiting for the ref to run by and tell him he is out for this series of play. Officer Parker is on point and setting the perimeter. A shot is reported. If one has a gun, we suspect all have guns. If all have guns you better think all have 2 guns. I think the problem is the news media monitors the scanner and Officer Fey's phone "Blows up" with requests for information. If he didn't put something out quickly, news people would be screaming about a cover up. The record was corrected the same day. Right?

ThaQueenCity said...

I thought it was a requirement that all bullets are to be stored in pockets until needed?!?

Anonymous said...

Okay Jesus, Put the rock down.

Police get the point. All of you "Barney" commentators (Without Sin) can stop throwing.

I guessing the only adrenaline charge yall get is when its time to go to take a dump.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of CMPD Officer Sean Parker, he looks a lot like Barney Fife

The expression is priceless something along the lines of Whoa I hope I didn't just blow my foot off!

Anonymous said...

Bob Fey is a tool.