Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jackson Home Invasion

Home Invasion - The act of burglarizing a private and occupied dwelling for the purpose of committing a violent crime ie robbery.

Cedar Posts sources tell us that this is no ordinary robbery. Besides the NBA, Bobcats connection, Jackson lives in Dove Wood a high end gated community that unlike many gated communities tightly controls the access through the gates.

CMPD sources say that the case is top priority and that they suspect there is more to it than just inside information, to gain access and target certain valuables. One source notes Jackson's wife was not home several times during the last month and her travels were well known.

Odd coincidence or scuttle butt? CMPD is not officially saying.

Stay Tuned More Soon.

Bonus Take Away: Check out Jeff Taylor's take on The Charlotte Observer's reporting of the Jackson home robbery here.


Anonymous said...

Black Helicopters? Ha Cedar you and your sources are a joke go back to Charleston!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like CMPD drug dogs need to mak a visit to Jackson's Crib.

I agree something doesn't add up.

JAT said...

The Weekly papers reported the incident as having occurred at around 3am, the UPoR at around 7am.

Which is it?

And if you haven't seen it -- story made headlines. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

Got to be drugs, no bling is worth the time you get for busting into a home while someone is there and holding them at gun point.

These perps are looking at 20 years or better, robbey, kidnaping and so on.

Anonymous said...

Ha 20 years in Mecklenburg County Anon 9:17. These fools most likely will get probation, if any time will be 2 years or less.