Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mallory Hood - Victim's Wife Speaks Out

Cedar Post received a follow up rebuttal to the story posted on Mallory Hood who was sentenced for the 2008 death of a motorcyclist in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina.


I am the wife of the second motorcyclist that was severely injured. Let me give you some facts before you start defending that bitch.

1. Her family is one of the richest in Charleston, SC. Her step-dad is actually a judge.

2. She was bonded out twice, totally $100,000 dollars out of her parents pockets

3. She never spent more then a day in jail due to the fact that her parents had plenty of money....and connections.

4. She actually evaded arrest after the accident so she could make a phone call to one of the best DUI attorneys in the state. He later represented her through part of the case.

5. When her attorney died during the 2 year wait to go to trial (because she kept pleading guilty, then withdrawing, then pleading guilty to avoid jail time) she was represented by his son, unfortunately his practice wasn't DUIs so she ended up hiring the second best DUI attorney in the state

6. Oh yea and the 2 years she was out of jail and avoiding trial she spent it saving her ass by giving "Don't Drink and Drive" speeches...she was ACTUALLY sentenced 15 years for what she did to my husband and 18 years for killing Elliot, but since she did something for the community the judge let her serve it concurrently.

And just some food for thought, how would you feel if your child was killed (or severely disfigured) by some idiotic drunk girl. Would you be fine with just letting her walk or would you want her to be punished?

There are two sides to every story and I understand you are not a reporter (most certainly not) thus all your facts aren't right but you could at least try to do just a little bit of research (there are other news stories out there that do have the facts) and add an iota of truth to what you write.

It made me sick to read your blog, she's not some fucking innocent princess sent to jail by some wicked stepfather or some shit.

She ended someones life (and made my husband a shadow of the person he used to be)...appreciate the fact that she's not behind the wheel of a truck coming at you going 50 mph. I hope this was somewhat enlightening.

Name Withheld By Requested


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Cedar, someone is calling you out! I usually think you are a &*$#%!

But you caught me by surprise by posting her letter to you.

Props to you for posting it.

But you are still a F$&$ ^*#@!!!

Anonymous said...

Damn she's good... Thanks for posting!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha Cedar like we can't figure out the author of that letter is Fitzpatricks wife. I didn't know he wasso bad off. I know brain damage is hard for family to deal with.

She must be some nasty trailer park trash if she thinks Mallory Hood came from a rich family.

But nice to see you're not too one sided.

Anonymous said...

The easiest crime to prevent is DWI/DUI. At the bend of an elbow, she took a family apart. This is a random act of violence which is the worst.

Since we can't form a lynch mob and throw a rope over a tree limb, long prison time is the next best.

I agree with her.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually quick to razz you when you mess up, but you deserve a lot of credit for running her letter.

Anonymous said...

Before you give Cedar too much credit, here is his Twitter on this letter. "Got a nasty gram fm the wife of one of Mallory Hood's vics. What a foul mouthed little tramp. And she asked me not to post it. HA!"

Cedar Posts said...

Hey I didn't say I was nice. Just that I was posting her letter.

I'm no saint and I stand by my tweet and her right to disagree.

I still think Mallory Hood got a raw deal and that is doesn't server the public that she spend 18 years in prison.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with Mallory and just recently heard this news, terrible for all parties involved. That being said, I'd like to respond to this woman.

1. Why does income level matter? Obviously her step-dad's profession didn't do her any good.

2. Wouldn't you do the same if you could? Who wants to sit in jail?

3. Innocent until proven guilty.

4. I wouldn't want to be represented by the worst DUI attorney in the state.

5. Refer to #4.

6. Why does giving "Don't Drink and Drive" speeches have to be labeled as "saving her ass"? Do you think it's possible that she felt the need to give these speeches? That she realized there are millions of people in this country that drink and drive without even considering the possible consequences and decided to use her experiences to reach out to these people, to do a small part to help avoid tragedies such as your own? So instead of getting out at 56, she'll get out at 41, giving her an extra 15 years of freedom to be completely useless to society because she sat in prison for 18 years.

This is not some career alcoholic you're dealing with. This was a 20 year old college student with goals and a bright future to be a productive member of society. She got drunk, she drove. I've done it, I'm sure you've done it, and there will never be a time when nobody drives drunk. All we can do is hope that stories such as this make people think twice about getting behind the wheel. Mallory would have a much more positive effect on the community if she were able to share her experiences for the next 18 years. Would that bring your husband back to good health? Absolutely not, but it might ensure that another family doesn't have to experience your pain. You would probably understand if you were on the outside.

18 years is insane, but at least big, bad Mallory Hood is off the streets. Residents of Mt. Pleasant can now sleep at night. Such a shame...

Anonymous said...

Maybe all of you need to hear how Mallory laughed in the hospital about being arrested by police while waiting for her blood to be drawn after killing one person and injuring another. Maybe you all need to request a copy of the police report and accident photos to understand why she got the sentence she got. Another person posted how different people get different sentences. It is not always about what you do after the tragedy (at the advice of your lawyer) but how you act during the incident itself that speaks volumes. None of you were there. What I do know is that the other person injured and the victim's two friends watched not only their friend die but what was left of him after. I know that for weeks after you could still see the blood stains on Hwy 17. I followed this case closely because I saw the pain and the hurt, only it wasn't from Mallory.

Anonymous said...

So why can't anyone answer the question--> the motorcycle dudes were out drinking/celebrating and one lost control and feel into oncoming traffic (Hood) is this true or rumor??????

Anonymous said...

Hi, this would be FITZPATRICK's wife again. I don't really appreciate you posting my letter that I specifically told you that you did not have my permission to copy to your website, and I especially don't appreciate the, "Got a nasty gram fm the wife of one of Mallory Hood's vics. What a foul mouthed little tramp. And she asked me not to post it. HA!" comment on twitter. Just in case you were wondering I am NOT a tramp...I have 2 college degrees and a very good paying job...oh and I've been happly married and faithful to Mr. FitzPatrick for 2 and a half years now. I am be foul mouthed, but a tramp no. On the other hand you are still a horribly misinformed blogger and I pity anyone that reads your blog and believes what you write. I've taken screen shots that you posted my letter to your website so now you can either apologize for calling me a tramp and posting my letter without my permission or I can send everything to my attorney. Thank you and have a great day. Feel free to e-mail me back at my personal address if you want.

P.S. - It's really amazing what you can find on google search.

Cedar said...


Hope things are going better for you.

You can email me anytime.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can only say how shocked I am at this letter. So distasteful and misinformed. Her family is not by any means the wealthiest in town. Their child made a mistake and went largely into debt keeping her out of jail. She was never on the phone calling a lawyer, it was her mother. Ignorant. I sure hope your two degrees are not in criminal justice.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, is it true- the motorcycle dudes were out partying and what was there ETOH levels?

Did the one lose control of the bike and fall into the path of a car, causing his own path of destruction?

Anonymous said...

This was a terrible tragedy and I am so sorry for all parties involved.

The letter posted was indeed distasteful and whomever wrote it was certainly misinformed.

Mallory lives with her mistake each and everyday, she is a good person and needs to be witnessing to others rather than sitting in jail!

Anonymous said...

What a waste sending her to prison for 18 years, while drug users, armed robbery, other felony DUIs get nothing or 4 to 5 years!

I too would like to know the alcohol level of the motorcycle riders, did they have helmets on, and did he lose control, fall, had head trauma when he fell into the oncoming traffic?

This case needs to be opened and re-examined!

Anonymous said...

Mallory is a friend of mine (not a close friend). From what I know (obviously I may be wrong) some guys on motorcycles ran a red light and she hit them. That could have easily happened during the day by someone who was sober.

Calling her a bitch is only making you look unstable (which you clearly are). It won't bring your husband back. I doubt he would want his wife acting like a jackass.

Why not move on with your life? You can't change the past. Thinking about the past is only making you miserable (obviously).

Christopher Simonson said...

I am one of the riders that was with Justin and Josh. Let me clear a few comments up. I just looked back into the case and saw all these comments so Ill be surprised if anyone reads these. A few mention the condition of the riders and what all happened. We were on our way home to drop off our bikes to than go out and party, we were NOT partying before the incident, so we were not drunk. Justin did fall off his bike as he was relatively inexperienced. We did not run a red light. We were stopped at the light and as we began to accelerate Justin, again being a new rider, lost control at a low speed and fell off. The SUV ran him over and as Josh tried to stop and help Justin, the SUV accelerated into him as she was leaving the scene. She accelerated toward me and our other friend but luckily just missed us. She killed one, almost killed a second, and ran, all while very drunk and underage. We all had our helmets on, jackets and gloves. Justin's helmet was actually knocked clean off from the SUV, as for Josh his helmet was luckily still on and more than likely saved his life. And As for the Wife of Josh, well you all can make your comments all you want about her, but you can probably imagine how hard of a time it was than, to have her husband almost killed, to have his career ended due to the injuries he suffered, he can't function like many people anymore. And to know that this all happened at the hands of a drunk driver, oh and mind you we were all trying to do the right thing and go home before we went out to party. It was the most horrific thing i ever experienced and I took care of Josh with his family everyday after the incident and I promise you his life than and im sure now has not been easy. A friend of ours was lost, another greatly injured, so whether you think she is being rude in her comments, cut her some slack cuz it sure as hell sucked to go through what we all did, and then to see how all these people are making remarks and assumptions about the victims.