Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2 Thugs Taken Off Charleston's Streets Again?

According to the Charleston Post and Courier:

Two teenagers were arrested today in connection with Saturday’s fatal shooting at Bridgeview Village apartments.

Cephus Mitchell, 18, of Charleston,

and Vashty West, 17, of Ladson,

are each charged with murder in the slaying of 28-year-old Jamar Gathers of North Charleston.

Vashty also is charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime.

They were being held in the Charleston County Detention Center awaiting a bond hearing scheduled for Thursday.

Gathers was shot and killed about 4 p.m. in a breezeway at the apartment complex on North Romney Street.

But Cedar Posts notes that a little more than a year ago Mitchell was charged with rape and kidnapping. The Post and Courier's coverage is here.

Mitchell was later arrested by the US Marshals:

"Cephus Mitchell, 17, of Bryercliffe Drive, was arrested by US Marshals in a North Romney Street apartment. Mitchell was wanted by Charleston Police for three counts of armed robbery, criminal sexual conduct 1st degree, possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime and two counts of kidnapping. The charges stem from an incident that occurred about 3 a.m. Tuesday, June 16th on North Romney Street."

So why was this pile of human waste even out on the street? Maybe we should ask Scarlett Wilson? Or the Charleston County Courts?


Anonymous said...

Really good sluthing Cedar Posts. Sounds like this Cephus kid should have been swinging from a Poplar tree last year. IMHO

Anonymous said...

Yes Cedar you are right Mitchell was arrested last year and was out on bond awaiting trial. Go figure.

What a piece of crap. The system is totally broken when fu*ktards like this can bond out of jail.

DWright1 said...

If this sort of thing becomes too common in Charleston, CP may fall victim to the "CH Factor" and forget whether he's writing about Charleston or Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

The Charleston County Criminal Court records show an 18 year old Cephas Dezmone Mitchell (not to be confused with the 47 year old felon Cephus Bernard Mitchell) with a 7 count indictment for 2 counts of kidnapping, 3 counts of armed robbery, 1 count of possesion of a firearm during a crime and 1 count of criminal sexual conduct. All charges were dismissed as Cephas pled guilty in April, 2010 to the lesser and related charge of strongarm robbery (and the victim of criminal sexual conduct refused to cooperate). Cephas was sentenced April, 2010 to 1-6 years, suspended to 2 years probation. I'll bet all the victims were happy to see Cephas back on the streets. If this is the same 6'-1", 156 lb., unemployed, 18 year old black male named Cephas (Cephus?) Mitchell, are the judge and solicitor guilty of accessory to murder? Or did Cephas' plea bargain come with a "your mileage may vary" disclaimer?