Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Billy Fehr is "Hooked Up" Part Two

You might recall my post about Blogger Billy Fehr getting "Hooked Up" by one of Charlotte's finest.

I'm not sure I understand the whole story so I'll let Bill tell it as only he can on his blog "Where On Earth is Bill" aka Rock and Roll Stop The Traffic. Just a preview, Bill is a cyclist and a courier uptown so darting in and out of traffic is in his blood. On a day off he went to the aid of a fellow a courier and managed to get himself cuffed by CMPD. I'd guess Bill was issued a summons for being a pain in the butt. Just a civil summons I'm assuming. But the photos are great and I'd suspect the CMPD officer didn't know he was cuffing a celebrity.

Well, Bill had his day in court last Friday.

No tease here, on Friday he was found not guilty.

But go read his blog where he recounts the details of his day in court while serving as his own lawyer here.

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