Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Child Caught in the Crossfire Dies

Charlotte's homicide rate got an exclamation point late Monday night, when the 2 year old boy shot last week died.

According to the Charlotte Observer:

The boy, identified as Amias Bernard Robinson, wasn't the shooter's intended target, investigators said. He was caught between two groups of people who were arguing in front of a house in the 5800 block of Eastbrook Road at about 9 p.m.

Amias was sitting in a stroller when he was hit.

This is all getting way out of control, "two groups of people" adults acting like morons rather than doing what normal people do at 9 pm.

Interesting comment from a Charlotte Observer poster named "Hummmmmm":

Come on , Black Men. You lost a precious precious child because black on black crime explodes over a dime, a perceived hurt.

This child could have changed the world or contributed to the community.

Black men, you are black losers until you stop having babies and walking away and carrying guns, and taking black lives.

This life had only been in the world 24 months, an Innocent. So was it worth it, brother? Do you even know what you stole from us?


Anonymous said...

I agree with "Hummmmm" comment. If you act like a wild animal then you should be treated like one. That goes for any and all races.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I posted this on another comment earlier, but you need to check this video out...pretty kewl, this guy KNOWS what he is talking about...