Monday, August 23, 2010

CMPD Officers In the News

Turns out that a CMPD officer owns the gun that a 3 year old shot himself with while sitting in a parked car with his mother. Gastonia Police continue to investigate as I expect CMPD IA to do the same. It's sad with a citizen does something stupid, its inexcusable when an officer makes the same mistake.

Detective Arvin Fant admitted in court today he discarded his notes regarding the shooting deaths of Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark. Defense lawyers have asked for a dismissal of the case against defendant Demeatrius Montgomery, claiming that the notes may of contained information to support a claim of mistaken idenity.

It's a hard day for a lot of CMPD officers. Radio traffic isn't as chatty and most of CMPD officers are staying on the down low. I imagine it was a harder day for Detective Fant. Who the Observer says has been recently demoted and reassigned to patrol. (It has been pointed out to CP that Fant was only reassigned and not demoted and Observer story has also been corrected.)

I'm not sure how his fellow CMPD officers feel about all this, but I suspect its not all good.

Chief Monore was asked by several media outlets to comment about today's court proceedings and Chief had nothing to say.


Anonymous said...

One correction CP- Being a "detective" at CMPD is NOT a promotion. They're really only officers working an investigative assignment. Fant was re-assigned back to patrol- that's all.

Cedar Posts said...

Thanks Anon 9:39 I amended the above story.

To all:

You may have noticed I've deleted a couple of comments regarding today's start of the trial.

I normally let the comments speak for themselves and don't like to delete comments even the one's that call me out.

But today I've had to delete three that were just a little harsh.

Based on what I've heard Montgomery is guilty. Just the same, due process is something we have to live with no matter how the trial goes.

Those of you within the department learn from this so that the loss of these two officers is not in vain and learn from Arvin Fant's mistake as well.

Frankly he gets major kudos for taking the stand and eating humble pie.

One more thing to all those who post here, you are very much appreciated and you are really top shelf all the way.

Peace Out! CP

JAT said...

Here's the question of the day:

Why was Fant anywhere near this case given that he already caused a felony conviction from 2004 to make it to the Court of Appeals because evidence went missing under his watch?

Make no mistake, Fant's actions have already guaranteed that Montgomery will have grounds to appeal any conviction. Maybe not good grounds, but grounds.

Rodney, you out there?