Monday, August 23, 2010

How Far Has East Charlotte Fallen?

Back in the day East Charlotte was the go to to do section of town. Not anymore, but when I asked friends what they remember here are some of the names they tossed out.

Boar's Head
Fog Cutter
Victoria Station
Steak and Ale
White Horse
Sandwich Construction Company
Weenier King

Also gone are a couple of Putt-Putt golf locations and a real golf course. Wow have times changed.

San Remo on Central used to be the place for late night, it's still there I think.


DWright1 said...

Those are some grand names. Folks here now don't believe it when they hear tales from those days. I'm still here, grew up here. But I'm beginning to think about throwing in the towel. We've all gone from sleeping with the windows open to stashing pistols in the bedroom.
Sadly, San Remo gave it up a few months ago. The landmark is still next door though.

Anonymous said...

San Remo closed? OMG I remember when George openned a place on Sugar Creek near 85 and took Toni with him. That girl had worked at San Remo since the 80's.

Sad indeed.

Anonymous said...

Now we have wonderful places like Nova Bakery, Lulu's, Thomas Street Tavern, The Penguin, Common Market, the Dish, Zada Jane's, Landmark, Pho and so on. Unfortunately, the whole of East Charlotte gets a bad rap because of the seedy areas that grab the headlines.

JAT said...

Good call, Cedar. Plus all of Eastland as functioning mid-scale retailer. Anon 8:24, those are some fun spots but I'd argue anything inside The Plaza is not really East Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

Look at the leadership of our city/county and this explains the flight out of this region.
Try axing Dr Leake....