Saturday, August 14, 2010

The N Word

Somewhere back in time it was decided that the "N" word was forbidden and ever since then the "N" word has spent a lot of time getting folks in trouble.

Friday Phil Mickelson dropped an "F" bomb and it barely made a blip on the national media radar and Phil the goofy happy go lucky gentleman of golf, never curses.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger who has been known to use some sailor language, took to saying the "N" word and the entire nation went into hysterics. Or did they? One thing is for sure the media went into over drive. But do the rest of us even care?

Dr. Laura was trying to make the point that black culture embraces the "N" word particularly in the comedic form and that for some reason the use of the "N" by anyone else is considered a racial slur.

My grandfather grew up in a time when racial slurs were as common as horse flies on a jack ass.

Wap, Spic, Dago, Beaner, Wetback, Chink, Rice ball, Gook, Mick, Kraut all words I remember my grandfather using from time to time, as well as the "N" word along with colored, and negro.

Often these words were preceded by the a single word stupid, and in some cases two words, poor and old. Sometimes in disgust, sometimes in comparison, but just as often as a way of identifying people. I doubt he ever gave a second thought to using those names or considered them offensive.

Today those names are never used, as I can't remember the last time I heard someone say dago or kraut. In fact all the words are gone except the "N" word.

I hear the "N" word often, maybe much more than often, but being white it is never used in mixed company. Even I'm smart enough not to type the "N" word but it is a part of our language just the same. It is used much the same way as you would expect, often to define someone of low class, lacking intelligence, someone who is distasteful and often a criminal who just happens to be of African heritage.

But I can't help but think if black culture would stop using the "N" word, the word would die a natural death. But as long as the media and people like Al Sharpton make a big deal out of it and black comedians use it in jokes and stand up routines then the "N" word will live on.


Anonymous said...

"But I can't help but think if black culture would stop using the "N" word, the word would die a natural death"

Oh, yes. It's all their fault. First they created the word. Then they made white people call them the word. Then they use the word themselves in defiance. Now, they are the sole custodians of its perseverance.

Fascinating insight.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:29
Great post, and right on the money.

"Dr". Laura is just another hate mongering hack that has gotten away with her venom filled diatribes for way too long.

Do you remember when Don Imus was fired for his racist comments?

Now Glenn Beck, "dr" Laura and Rush seem to feed on the underlying racism in America and get away with it.

It is quite astonishing to me, this blatant hate and racism being spewed by these idiots.

It is embarrassing and disappointing that we have learned so little.

America is showing itself to be intolerant and isolating itself more and more from reality and the real world.

Anonymous said...

"(F)or some reason the use of the "N" word by anyone else is considered a racial slur."

Perhaps that's because it's a racial slur, Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Blacks are the most racist of all. They use the word nigger to call out stupid brothers and sisters but in doing so its not being racist just being nasty.

Anonymous said...

Can being racist make you a better Mayor Police Chief or President? What about saying whitey or cracker? Or Redneck?

Why don't white people take offense?

I think its all a big act!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Proud of your "peeps" are you, Cedar?

Anonymous said...

Why is it that blacks people call white people whitey, redneck and cracker and white people are never offended.

I think its because white people are more socially advanced where blacks are. quick to get upset about nothing which results in all this black on black violence.

Anonymous said...

To the black community: if you do not like other races using this word then don't PROMOTE it...

I do not get offended at their slang words used for my race, to me it shows lack of self respect and intelligence by the person using it.

Anonymous said...

ANON 12:29 AM

Great summation! Never seen it put so well :-)

Anonymous said...

This is all so ridiculous and frivilous it isn't funny.

It is a word, plain and simple. Saying a word, any word, in a reasonable way should be something that people in a free society should be used to and expect.

What is offensive is how words can be used for inappropriate and personal attacks on people and various people groups.

For instance, who is worse...

the person that uses the "N" word to refer to his good buddy in a light-hearted way?

Or the person that uses highly scientific language to blatantly insult others for no good reason?

It isn't the WORD! It is what and how things are said that *SHOULD* be what matters.

We (the press especially) have such small minds... tsk tsk