Monday, August 2, 2010

Odds and Ends Local and Coast to Toast

Butler Principal Sacked - In the final few days before school starts CMS gives both a star principal and star quarterback the hook. Theresa Hopkins has been removed as principal and suspended with pay. According to CMS she will not be returning to Butler High School.

Star Butler quarterback Christian LeMay was recently suspended for 30 days which will cause him to miss seven games this fall. He reportedly broke a "code of conduct rule." Earlier this year CMS removed the school's basketball coach.

Seems that these events may have a connection. It has been reported that Hopkins may have tried to intervene on behalf of LeMay, and FOX Charlotte is reporting that Hopkins was very vocal about the current reassignment plan.

Bret Favre - Speaking of being sacked, Brett Favre and told the Vikings that he'll not be returning for a second season which is like saying I'm going to stay retired.

Chelsea Clinton Weds - The daughter of not retired and former President Bill Clinton has tied the knot. Yes there is hope for all homely girls - bless her heart. (honestly she looks way better than back in the Clinton White House years). Regardless of all the press coverage it was not the wedding of the decade, but it was pretty presidential.

Obama On The View - Nothing says "I'm a Rock Star" like showing up on SNL. Well if you're only the President and they won't have you on SNL get your bad ass self booked the View. In doing so Obama canceled his planned visit with the Boy Scouts of America who had invited the President to speak at their Centennial Jamboree.

The President who was named as the "Honorary Chairman" of the Jamboree chose to send a video taped address even though the scouts had spent countless hours preparing the site for his expected arrival just the other side of the Potomac River in Virginia. More about the Obama snub here.

Lindsay Gets Out Of Jail - And checks into rehab, does not Pass Go or Collect 200 dollars. Thankfully Lohan's escape from the lock up gave us all a much needed break from Mel Gibson's recorded voice mail messages. Expect a new board game called Lonoploy out in time for Christmas.

Mel Gibson - Why we never knew that Mel Gibson was no "Boy Scout" amazes me. His recorded tirade was longer than his epic The Passion of Christ. In the end there were no winners and the biggest looser was the public who could care less but had to listen to his rants, F bombs and anger for the past 13 days. Thank You Lindsay for being the drunk that you are!

Charlotte's Mayor - Foxx tries to rally the troops to push the city to the front of the pack hoping to snag the DNC 2012 convention. Larger cities opt out citing costs, traffic jams and the media circus.

The Meck Deck Asks? - What's up with all the insensitive local news coverage of tragic drunk driving accidents resulting in death of young people. "On one level, yes the human drama of it all makes for very compelling viewing. But on another, deeper even more human level it should be obvious that friends and relatives of the suddenly gone are not exactly in their most reasoned and sober state. In other words, sticking mics and cameras in the their faces is more than a little exploitative." More from the Meck Deck here.

Cedar Posts has always wondered what happens to the betamax video footage of the father who goes "Mel Gibson" after a mike is thrust into his face on the heels of the question "how does it feel to loose a daughter to drunk driver."

Snooki - Speaking of drunks there's aways SnookiIf you haven’t heard of her, you are in good company. President Obama said on “The View” the other day that he didn’t know who she was, either. Since then news media outlets have been running the sound bite from a year ago where Obama say "I'm even a fan of Snooki".

Of course it was the Jersey Shore cast member who was arrested over the weekend (tastefully wearing a T-shirt that said “slut”). Ms. Polizzi was reported to have screamed, between obscenities, “Do you know who I am? I’m Snooki. You can’t do this to me.” Not surprisingly that argument did nothing to convince local police officers to let her continue her drunken stroll along the board walk. Read the NY Times "Who's to blame for Snooki" here.

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