Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Another CMPD Officer Arrested

Another CMPD Officer was arrested early Sunday morning. Marvin Bell was charged with DWI during a routine traffic stop by the North Carolina Highway Patrol.

More details shortly.


ThaQueenCity said...

BITING MY TONGUE! OK we know that is NOT going to work for me! So .....WHY IS ANYONE SURPRISED?

Their Chief gets away with anything HE wants why shouldn't his men, RIGHT?

Great leadership does NOT start at the bottom it STARTS and IS ENFORCED at the TOP! Something unfortunately our Officers are missing!

Anonymous said...

Precisely, ThaQueenCity, when the chief can do what he wants, spend as much money over budget as he wants, say what he wants, and everybody just believes it and let's him get away with it, that's the lesson taught to everyone under him. What a joke. City council needs to do something about the ridiculous man they put in charge of our police dept.

Anonymous said...

For the record, I am not a big fan of the Chief by any means. But to say that because he is a bad chief is the reason this guy got arrested for drinking and driving is off the mark. This guy got arrested because he is a dumba$$. I don't beat my wife, have sex with a girl in a pizza place while on duty, protect drug dealers, or grope females on traffic stops because of my Chief. I don't do those things because I am not a dumba$$. Some of us out here still believe in what we are doing, regardless of the public view. I don't really get into what the Chief does. I choose to care about the Officers to my left and right and the people that I try to serve.

Anonymous said...

I'll have to agree with anon 12:35... this has nothing to do with the Chief. This has to do with one officer making a bad mistake.

What's really sad is how many people we arrest every day/week for DWI or other offenses, yet none of that goes in the paper. How about a bank executive or whatnot? I'm sure if you were to research them, someone at the top will have been arrested for something.

Are police officers held to a higher standard? Yes we are. Does it look bad? Absolutely. This guy made a mistake and he'll pay for it just like everyone else. And the fact he was arrested also goes to show what other officers think of his actions. They obviously find it disgraceful too, which is why he was arrested and treated like any other person who committed a DWI offense.

Anonymous said...

ONE Officer making a mistake is an anomaly, what is going on at CMPD is a catastrophe.

Ignore the trend all you want, it won't go away, it will only go away when Monroe goes away.

Yes, Police Officers are held to a higher standard, as they well should be. They are sworn to UPHOLD the law.

And yes, sure, there are a few bad apples.....but CMPD has unfortunately lowered the standards so much, starting with Monroe, that they are going to have a CROP of bad apples.

As someone said, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

While most of my friends who are Officers are caring, honest men of integrity, it is becoming not so at CMPD. These Officers are disgusted and disgruntled with that is going on at CMPD.....

And yes, this CHIEF? has set the tone, and the culture that is now what is CMPD. HE DOES NOT HOLD ANYONE TO A HIGHER STANDARD, because he does not hold himself to that high standard....he promotes unqualified people based solely on race, has lied on numerous occasions and has bullied his way into producing "lower" crime numbers.

The culture he has created at CMPD BREEDS this type of thing, and will continue to do so.

CMPD needs to be cleaned up and out.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree, Anon 12:35. I am no fan of Monroe, either, but let's face it, no matter who the chief has been, there have been officers who were just dumba$$es who have no one to blame but themselves.

You don't ENFORCE leadership, ThaQueenCity, but I agree there is little leadership being exhibited from THAT corner office.

Police jobs said...

What is happening to CMPD? They are supposed to prevent and reduce crime, increase safety in our community.

Anonymous said...

Uh, hate to tell you, but crime is going to happen. Until the day comes when there can be a cop on every 100 feet, it is going to happen. Can't be everywhere at once, and if you think the cops don't care, you are dead wrong. We like to catch the bad guys believe it or not! But occassionally it is more difficult than you might think. It always humors me when as a cop it is my fault that someone gets their IPod, GPS, purse, checkbook stolen out of their car while it is parked in a busy parking lot. You see, I can't win in that situation, because either (a) I wasn't doing my job guarding your car, or (b) I am rude when I suggest that in the future you don't leave your items of value on the front seat. While I am at it, please stop saying "I pay your salary", because I pay taxes too, which means I pay my own salary as well as that of the salary of my co-workers (which sucks if you think about it). Okay, back on track (sorry about that).... Can't blame this guy getting arrested on the Chief, this guy got drunk, and then drove a car, can't see how that is the Chiefs fault. About the leadership, truth be told, some of the best leaders are the Officers on the street. Not people in the offices. When something breaks out and is hectic, we rely on each other to make decisions. We don't really have the time to say, Sarge, what do we do? Even when it comes to the "culture" of the department. I mean, I am my own man, I am going to choose to do the right thing regardless of who is in charge of me, and you know what, there are alot of us out there, that regardless of what you may think of us, take pride in putting on the uniform and going to work for you everyday and night. (congrats if you actually made it all the way to the end)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39- May God bless you and protect you and those who work with you always!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:39
Agree with you all the way.

And you sound like you are a man of integrity, unfortunately many are not.

And I have to disagree on one point.

The "leader" of a PD sets the tone for the whole department, it's a fact. Leadership or lack thereof trickles down and it shows.

And if he has no integrity, it makes it a lot more difficult and stressful for people of integrity to do their jobs and focus on their work. They not only have to do an already difficult job, but they have to avoid compromising their integrity to "please" their "boss". That is what is happening at CMPD and it is totally unacceptable.

Officers need and want and DESERVE real leadership from "leaders" they respect and trust.

This is just not the case at CMPD right now.

And it shows, and the "show" is not even close to being over.

The examples of dishonesty and obfuscation from Monroe are destroying the department.

Anonymous said...

Well well, what a big f'in surprise. We must have the dumbest bunch of shitbird police in this city than anywhere else in America. I think we have Chicago beat on the whole doing away with the entrance exam and hiring process. God where's the leadership, where's anyone with a set of balls and a spine. Embarassing and only getting worse.

Anonymous said...

I'm split on the blame on this matter. I disagree that the Chief is at fault as far as a poor leadership example. Yes, he is an example of piss poor leadership. He is an example of what NOT to do. However, he shouldn't be blamed for all of the dumbass mistakes these officers are making as far as his mistakes causing them to make their mistakes. Someone earlier hit it spot on: he doesn't beat his wife, drink and drive, grope women because he's not a dumbass. If we blamed the Chief for this, by that same philosophy, we would have to blame the captains and sergeants but we can't 100% blame them either. Sure, they have a duty to supervise, but they are not sitting right there next to them in the patrol car or at home with them on the couch as if they were the proverbial little angel on their shoulder, shaking a finger saying "No, no. Don't do that."

HOWEVER...I think the Chief IS at fault by his diversification initiatives and relaxed recruiting standards. Jackson, Almendarez, Bell, Wilkerson, and others have all been hired under his watch. Sure, Holas, Ross, Fant and some more were hired before. But many of the latest shitbirds to hit the news have been hired under the current regime. Just take a look at some of the latest recruit classes, especially Jackson's, and look at how many have been fired, resigned, or disciplined since graduating. You'd be amazed at the attrition rate! Tell me that's not another brilliant waste of money.

Anonymous said...

Well, he is certainly the one that has made the decision to do away with the majority of training, to lower entrance standards at the Academy, to promote unqualified people, to "overlook" conduct based on ethnicity.

Corruptness breeds corruptness.

Honestly, if VF were a white male having done what she has done, would they still be on the job?? Hell no.

Anonymous said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Anonymous said...

TO ALL OFFICERS of CMPD THANK YOU to each and every one...MUCH appreciation & respect for ALL you do!!

To Rodney Monroe - KISS MY AZZ!

TOO MANY fantastic people on the force that could have and would do a helluva lot better than YOU! And they would have had citizens TRUST & RESPECT! Something YOU will never have.

Our City Council was wrong for allowing Walton to hire you KNOWING ALL about your past games and corruption!

We have long term officers leaving in droves, many taking early retirements, many just leaving &/or going elsewhere! Co-winkydink? I DON'T THINK SO!

Thanks for bringing corruption & disgrace to what was ONCE the BEST!

And Walton....well I HOPE YOU will be gone in 2011! When we get a new City Council, one with ballz that will put you where YOU belong, in the unemployment line!

Back to Monroe: For the FIRST time you DECIDE to tell the truth it will cost the city, wrong, the taxpayers millions! Thanks from the empty bottom of our wallets!

Dang right Jackson shoulda never been hired! The ONLY honest statement we citizens have ever heard from you!

God forgive me for my anger and disgust towards you but YOU deserve every ounce of it from ALL the citizens of this city and county!!

ANYONE who would stand up for YOU must be one of your slackeys or family (and I bet you even have to pay them!)

By the way just how many credit cards DO you have that the city, excuse me, citizens are now paying for?

And will you be making any CIAA parking passes this year?

Last but certainly not least....
Would you PLEASE do something with those FLAPPERS on both sides of your head??? Good god almighty all that money YOU off-scoffed with, you coulda had them flippers fixed a LONG time ago, at Richmond's expense!

Cedar did I leave anything out? I am SURE I have, but alas too much time on this excuse for a human already!

To all others, sorry for my tirade, but sometimes ya just gotta say what everyone else is thinking just scared to verbalize!

I remain a humble Concerned Citizen