Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cedar Post's Auto Reply

Don't you just hate those auto reply emails?

At first you think "oh good" a really fast response to your very urgent email, which is followed by the shocking let down that the email you just opened is only an auto-reply telling you that while your busting your butt on this Monday morning the jerk you just emailed is on a two week vacation to the islands.

I won't be on vacation this week but I will be in the islands and somewhat off the grid. I never learned how to set up the auto-reply so as long as the wi-fi is up and running I'll check email often.

Coming up today the hottie of the week and later this week more about CMPD's effort to slow the murder rate and well as more about the DWI crack down, despite the busy week at the real job.

CP Peace Out!

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