Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CMPD's Major Vicki Foster's Promotion to DC Derailed By YouTube Video?

If rumors are correct that answer is no.

But one thing is for sure CMPD brass and Mayor Foxx's office are aware that there was a video and while Chief Monroe calls it a private matter at least someone is taking notice.

Prior Cedar Posts about the Vicki Foster YouTube Video is here.

This comment was posted today:


Just got this back today from the mayor's administrative assistant:

"Thank you for your note to Mayor Foxx. The video you have reference(d) is no longer available to review. We do believe it was in regards to a private matter and will rely on Chief Monroe to monitor the situation."

Link to whole article on the Blog

So the Mayors office AND Rodney are aware of the situation with Vicki Foster.

They were told by Rodney that it was a "private" matter.

What complete and utter BULLSHIT.

At this point how can Chief Monroe promote Vicki Foster to Deputy Chief when the Mayor's office wonders about a video that has been deleted, and her record of paying her Charlotte-Mecklenburg property taxes is abysmal. What other skeletons are hanging in Major Foster's locker?


Anonymous said...

Well Cedar either Foxx is aware there are "issues" with Foster or he's in the cover up.

Anonymous said...

She will be promoted just like every other minority that Monroe has promoted. Once again pass over anyone who is remotely qualified to further his agenda...He has screwed CMPD up so bad that no one will ever take him else where, for 185k a yr you would think he would know what the hell he was doing however HE DOESNT. But look who hired him...his buddy Curt Walton who makes what now 230k to do what?? You can't even make Captian w/o a Bachelors but you can be Chief w/ a GED ....

Anonymous said...

Rodney is the real life "Rolo Tomassi" who always gets away with it. The promotion will take place. The good news is that his morality is in line with the standards in our nation's capital. His buddy Vincent Gray just won and will be the DC Mayor in January. Gray will view Rodney's actions in Charlotte as signs of a strong leader, and Rodney will be a prime candidate to be the new DC Police Chief. We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine Foster having any role in another chief's adminstration so I'd expect her to move on to DC with Monroe.

Can't get any better than that.

Anonymous said...

Word is out that Foster thinks Cedar Posts has it in for her.

She feels wrongly accused of doing something illegal and suspects insiders of plotting against her.

Does anyone know if Cedar works for CMPD or City of Charlotte?

Anonymous said...

that video needs to be shown again

Anonymous said...

DAMN, the video was removed and I didn't get to see it! BUT if the City Council doesn't do something about Walton and Monroe NOW they NEVER will!

PLEASE just let this non-human idiot LEAVE!

And hey Foster...guess what the WHOLE City of Charlotte has it "out" for you! You SHOULD be paranoid, your a complete IDIOT and SCREW UP!

PLEASE DC take him back and take all his crony ass kissers with him!

Anonymous said...

TO ANON 8:52pm:

SHE feels wrongly accused! How about the citizens who may not have been helped because SHE refused since they DID NOT believe as she does! SOUNDS LIKE A SUIT waiting to happen!

Anonymous said...

Foster has always drawn the conclusion that people are "out to get her" no matter the issue. I have never known her to see the questions raised about her conduct as anything about performance, but that they are personal attacks made out of jealousy because she is a "successful African American woman." I would love someone to explain what those "successes" have been? At Westover? Familiy Services? Support Services? Anyone? If she truly believes there was nothing inappropriate about what she said in that video or that she participated in the first place, she is even more delusional than I gave her credit for.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:53
Agree 100%

What she likes to see as "christian" behavior is actually sanctimonious prejudice and judgments about/against people who don't "believe" as she does.

And the judgment that led her to make that video is also the very same judgment she is bringing to the table EVERY day when making decisions about CMPD.

Yes, and just what have her successes been? Anyone? She is too much of a "victim" and an ineffectual leader....that is why people resent her and don't respect her....because she has made such horrible decisions and still moves ahead.

She is under the chief's "protection" now, like the old "gun molls" of old. Rodney protects his "own".

Anonymous said...

If you call corruption, ass kissing total lack of character and being prejudiced against anyone who does not believe as she does a success then YES she has reached her goal!

Some goal.....

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I plastered this ALL over the CO! It seems to me Charlotte Observer is VERY finicky (BIASED more like it) about WHAT they choose to report on Of course that would be saying the actually HAVE real reporters...LOL! and if it is negative for Rodney Monroe you can BET they won't publish a THING!

SO I helped them out :-) thanks Cedar!!

Me :-)

Anonymous said...

I believe the video was removed because it was fake. And someone smelled a lawsuit coming........ Don't be so dumb.... think for yourselves sometimes and stop falling such comments.