Friday, September 17, 2010

Election 2010

The Mecklenburg County Board of Elections promised to have the November 2, 2010 ballot available "no later than September 15, 2010. Well they missed the self-imposed deadline but it's up now.

You can view the sample November 2nd ballot here.

Elections and debates are time honored traditions in our country. While many feel the ability to debate in a public forum is not needed as much as the art of fund raising or running a negative campaign, Cedar Posts thinks a successful candidate should have the ability to speak well, and make and defend points in a professional manner.

Plus some of the retorts (Where's the BEEF? and You're no Jack Kennedy) are priceless.

Sadly, it seems that the League of Women Voters of Charlotte Mecklenburg the usual sponsor of televised debates, is going to sit this election out.

Speak out Charlotte Cable Channel 21 has stepped into the void and will sponsor at least one debate.

Check out Speak Out Charlotte's Facebook page here.
On Speak Out Charlotte's page you can post questions to be asked of the candidates during the debate.

Cedar Posts is not sure what happened to LofWV, the site points to WTVI but the WTVI site has nothing.

I guess this means the quiet passing of another institution?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Cedar for publicizing our site!

It is SO important this year, more than any in the past that the CITIZENS get a chance to ask their questions of our current BOCC as well as those running for office!

OUR city and country are in serious trouble and the citizens have a RIGHT to know WHO they feel is best prepared for this job!

And that is ONLY done by allowing the CITIZENS ask the questions so we are better informed!

This IS a NON-BIASED site, we want to hear from ALL citizens across party lines! So PLEASE join and ASK your questions! These questions WILL be the ones asked at the debate!

We SHOULD have a date for the debate no later than Monday or Tuesday of this week! So stay updated with our site!!/pages/Speak-Out-Charlotte-2010-County-Debate-Questions/150624614970363?ref=ts

This debate is being sponsored by

Thank you ALL for participating!