Monday, September 27, 2010

Idiot Tweet(s) of the Day!

Got to hand it to Rhiannon Bowman she really outspoken, it is just too bad her message is lost in the limited vocabulary that streams out of her white trash world.

@RhiaBowman: "Fuck You, Assholes. If I want to include you in my goddamn communication I'll fucking call the White House, you terrorist wannabes. #wiretap"

CedarPosts: @RhiBowman "Whoa nice pile of "F" bombs dropped in my Cheerios this AM. #unfollow #FbombLadies"

@RhiBowman: "@CedarPosts Not going to be censored by ppl threatening to unfollow me. If you're put off by the word fuck, you shouldn't follow me anyway."

@RhiaBowman: "@KenBuck Our federal government wants to wiretap the internet:"

@RhiBowman: "@beccabernstein I'm miffed at the U.S. Gov't's desire to wiretap the Internet. Fuck them."

@RhiBowman: "It's cool so many people DM saying they wish they could be as outspoken as I am. It'd be more cool if their bosses didn't monitor their SM."

@RhiBowman: "and, it'd be really, really cool if people would allow others to be themselves without judgment. This is supposed to be a FREE country."

I'm all in for a woman who likes to use the "F" word as long as she hotter than train smoke and it is used as an adjective along with the word "me"!

But the Twitter World is a public forum, sending out a bunch of tweets littered with "F" this and "F" that, is like standing on a street corner and cursing at the wind as if you were Mel Gibson.

It's just not attractive and any point you are trying to make always needs clarification usually without the "F" words.


Rhiannon Bowman said...

You missed the entire point of the tweet you protested. Here's where the story began: Here's what how it reads: If our country wiretaps our communication, I say we all start using much more colorful language: @nytimes I'll start...

I appreciate your feedback, but it won't change my stance or the way I choose to speak or live.

Fortunately, we can choose who we follow. I respect your right to unfollow me. Here's hoping you can respect my right to exercise my First Amendment rights.

If nothing else, you pulled a blog post out of the experience. So, kudos.

Cedar Posts said...

What Ms. Bowman is trying to say is that the FBI and the NSA want the same ability to spy on your email, IM's and skype that they have on Ma Bell's two wire system and she thinks that is wrong.

To make her point she started using "more colorful language", mainly of bunch of "F" bombs.

I'm sad to report Ms. Bowman blocked me before I had a chance to respond to her follow up angry tweets.

Rats I've been blocked!

I think Ms. Bowman is smarter than a guest on Jerry Springer, and if she really wanted to make a statement about the bill, which the Obama administration plans to submit to congress later this year, she would do so in manner that you neither betray her education nor her patriotism.

Rhiannon Bowman said...

It's "Mrs."

And, hey, thanks for the judgment. You are, by the way, the only person who has said anything negative about my post today. What's sad is numerous people send messages of support saying they wish they could voice the same opinions but they fear for their jobs. That's a real shame in a country where we so value the right to say what we want that we made the right to do so part of our very first amendment.

For the record, you don't know me or anything about me. You also have no idea if I have or will further expound on the tweet that's so offended you. I was making a point. You missed it. I'm not going to apologize for your lack of understanding. If you had paid any attention to my posts in the past, instead of choosing to pick on this one, I doubt it would have surprised you. Instead, you attempted to censor and shame me. Thanks, but no thanks.

As far as my blocking you, that is also my right. You have chosen to attack me personally. (White trash? Idiot? Gee, thanks.) In my estimation, that's block-worthy behavior.

And, I'd say calling me names and using my name and Tweets -- while littering your own blog with "the f bomb," I might add -- is quite a response. Obviously my blocking you from my personal social media account had zero effect on your ability to respond to my action, which I'll add is your right to do ... a right I'll defend even if I don't agree with you.

I'm sure there's some common ground between us, and in another time and space I might be interested in exploring it, but I'm definitely not interested in being friends with people who call me names simply because they disagree with me on whether or not I should be able to exercise my Constitutional rights in an open forum where you are able to chose to follow or ignore at any point.

Good day,
Rhi B.

Anonymous said...

Cedar looks like you hurt her feelings you bad man you!

Any way you got to love a toilet mouth hottie.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo for poor Cedar Posts who gets butthurt over some adult language. What a douchebag.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Cedar, I think certian people like to swear to show they belong to a certian class of people. Bowman likes her crowd drunk,loud and angry.

Nothing wrong with that, and you can't expect her to want to tone is down just because its a black tie event.

She's clearly not the sharpest tool in the garage, or she wouldn't have corrected your Ms. with Mrs. since Ms. is correct and considered more favored in a business world.

She thinks you are protesting her tweet, yet you clearly state her use of the "F" word in a public forum is what is out of line.

I doubt Creative Loafing pays her much if at all, if they do I'd suggest they raise thier standards just a little. You know out of the gutter and on to the curb?

Anonymous said...

Why hasn't anyone pointed out that this guy is a misogynistic pig? Rhi's too nice to point it out, but did any of you catch this paragraph in the pig's post, "I'm all in for a woman you likes to use the "F" word as long as it is done in close proximity of the floor and they are as least partially undressed."

Wow. Really?

Then, after she puts the tweet in question in perspective he bashes her intelligence and others assume she's not paid much. He calls her names and makes up facts about her, yet all she really does is restate her case to support all of our right to free speech.

Great guy.

It's also worth noting that he's got a tenth of the followers she does on Twitter. #justsayin

Cedar said...

Thou shalt not use the "F" word unless it has me after it.

Comments using the "F" word will be deleated.

Sorry it's my blog and I make the rules.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, when has this Cedar Posts guy posted anything intelligent? Judging by his drivel here, he's just an angry, bitter, sexist, racist, attention whore. move along, Rhi, nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

Nice. The blogger dude deleted the post where he said his blog was the only thing that came up when you Googled Rhi's name as well as the post where he was proven wrong about what she writes on CL. Censorship is alive and well here. He says he'll only delete posts with the "f" word tho his blog post is full of the "f" word. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for cleaning up the comments Cedar keep it classy.

I think its funny how she says she had many many supportive responses via DM.

Yeah right.


Anonymous said...

This moron's obviously never met Rhi. She's f'in brilliant. I'm glad she's so outspoken. Someone has to say some of the stuff she says. All this guy wants to do is push someone down to get attention. Like the other poster said, he's a butthurt douche.

Anonymous said...

I responded to Rhi via DM, just like she said. She's straight up. You'd know that if you knew anything about her. Keep deleting the comments you don't like, Master. Way to prove Rhi's point again and again.

Anonymous said...

At least Rhi's brave enough to respond to you and sign her own comments.

Anonymous said...

Rhi is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She doesn't deserve this abuse from you.

Anonymous said...

Cedar your having a fight with a Creative Loafing blogger what happened to taking on the Washington Post.

Shoot higher with your elephant gun.

Anonymous said...

Talk about classy? Look at Rhi's responses and compare them with what this guy's saying about her. If anyone's in the wrong here it's him, not her. I support you, Rhi! I know you say this stuff doesn't bother you, but this guy's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

Talk about classy? Look at Rhi's responses and compare them with what this guy's saying about her. If anyone's in the wrong here it's him, not her. I support you, Rhi! I know you say this stuff doesn't bother you, but this guy's just wrong.

Anonymous said...

What is this guy even going on about? Rhis right and he's wrong. And its funny how hes making fun of her for being a successful writer on a free blog. Isnt it ironic?

Billy Fehr said...

FUDGE, not the other F word...
Great Post Cedar, as usual.

wv:(no kidding) adinful

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight. Rhi is standing up for our constitutional right to free speech and smaller government and you're blasting her for it? Dude. Pick another battle.

Anonymous said...

Cedar what is wrong with the F word if it is used for dramatic effect?

By the way you know you are a racist homophobic liberal hating sexist pig don't you?

Anonymous said...

I see my post about this guy using Rhi's name to get hits on his site was deleted. Nice. Go Rhi! You rock. The fact that this guy's calling you out only proves you're doing a good job. Keep up the great work. I love Creative Loafing and its blog. We need those types of voices in our community.

Lisa said...

I have known Rhi Bowman for quite some time. She was exercising her right to free speech. While I am sorry you felt it necessary to take them out of context and defame her in a public forum, I will bring to light what I would do in a case such as this.

1. Ask you to take the post down. Mrs. Bowman has been plagiarized and she did not give you permission to use the content she wrote in the text of your blog post.

Copyright infringement. You now have acted illegally by not only using a photograph taken by someone other than Mrs. Bowman, but you have also copied her work in an act of plagiarism.

2. I would invoice for said plagiarism. Those are her words, not yours. You would either have a choice to remove, or pay said invoice.

3.Misappropriation. Since you call yourself a blogger, you must be aware you have now misappropriated Mrs. Bowman's name and likeness for purposes of trade or
advertising without her consent.

4. Finally. I would report you to Blogger and Google for defamation of character and plagiarism. I have already done so.

Because let's face facts, this was a hack job and a shoddy one at that. If you're going to hack somebody, at least learn how to do it well.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you're outing people on your blog when your name isn't included at all, not even in your bio. It's also interesting that this post has more comments than the rest and that you're selectively deleting comments that don't suit your purpose.

Anonymous said...

Cedar - Rhi has more class than you have in your little finger!

Cedar Posts said...

I had to pull Lisa's comment out of the spam file.

Comments using the "F" word have been deleted forever.

As I said in the original post Mrs. Bowman's message was lost because she elected to use a bunch of "F" Bombs to make a point.

Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Pryor and George Carlin all used the "F" word and they were funny. Rhiannon Bowman isn't funny. One reason is that twitter doesn't lend itself to the little hints and nuances that make speech personable.

I also pointed out that because of all the "F" bombs she'd have to explain herself and of course she did.

As for Lisa's wild crazy comment.

How old are you? Plagiarized? I wouldn't claim Bowman's thoughts to be my own ever!

Plagiarize: to steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own without crediting the source.

Copyright infringement? Well it would have to be copyrighted in the first place. Read the twitter agreement's fine print.

As far as her likeness goes when she posed for the photo she gave up those rights. UNCC could claim the photo, had they copyrighted the photo which they didn't and since the publication and the rights to it are part of the University of North Carolina system the taxpayers own the image and thus yours truly.

Defamation of character? Really? Truth would be a defense here.

So if you put it on Twitter you are shouting it from the street corner.

By the way I agree with Rhiannon that Obama continuing the Bush administration's erosion of privacy is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Did you ask the University Times if you could use their photograph without linking to their site or acknowledging in any way that you used the photograph? Did you credit the photographer? Then you stole it. I looked for photos of Rhiannon online and you chose the least attractive one. Why?

Anonymous said...

Hey if you know who the photographer is I'm sure Cedar will give them props.

Why don't like the photo? Why do you think it's the least attractive?