Saturday, September 18, 2010

Sign Offered in Protest to Ken Burger's Story on Charleston's F&B Employees

Photo Credit Charleston City Paper

Response to Ken Burger's Story on F&B Employees in front of the Tattooed Moose located at 1137 Morrison Drive Charleston, SC 843-277-2990.

This week the Charleston Post and Courier's Ken Burger wrote two stories about Charleston's Food and Beverage employees. The first one suggesting that all restaurant workers are losers and the second one offering "Another Side of the Story" where he tries to bolster his point of view by quoting Dick Elliott: "Elliott didn't disagree with my point. In fact, he's quite aware of the party reputation the industry has and often deserves."

Elliott the owner of High Cotton and SNOD among others, agrees with Burger and notes that he forces his employees to take a pay check once every two weeks.

I'm pretty sure wait staff will be spitting in Ken's iced tea from now on, Elliott may have climbed down in the hole that Ken Burger has dug as well.


Anonymous said...

Ken Burger is a troll the only reason he writrs this junk is for hits on the P&C web site.

Anonymous said...

Cedar its SNOB slightly north of broad!

Anonymous said...

Cedar you should offer a bounty on Ken Buger $1000.00 dollars to anyone who will serve him.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is:

"I'll be right there sug"