Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monroe Valerie Hamilton Presser


Anonymous said...

As is always the case with Rodney, it's all about Rodney.

Anonymous said...

HOW does he get away with his BS "I care" attitude when we all know he only cares about himself and that is who he worships!

Anonymous said...

Rodney was recruited in high school to be a police cadet. While most police officers had to work and study and train, and apply to dozens of agencies for months or years to get into law enforcement, Rodney had it all handed to him. So he thinks it was easy for everyone. Is there any reason, other than laziness, that he didn't get his college degree twenty years ago?

Anonymous said...

He is just not that smart, and is an awful, awful public speaker.

He doesn't have the vocabulary or the quickness of wit to think on his feet and speak.

And CLEARLY there are many times, when all the facts ARE NOT KNOWN, that a no comment on an ongoing case IS appropriate...this would be one of those times.

But he wanted to capitalize on the sensationalism of the case and cash in on it himself.

Anonymous said...

As Predicted, the SIGNIFICANT LOG EVENT has NEVER reappeared on the CMPD Website.

Wonder what's going on with Viki Foster and Doughboy, aka Zinkann?

After all the stupid things she has done, will she still be promoted to be a Deputy Chief?

And will Doughboy be the next XO?

Curious minds want to know!!

If he does promote Foster, expect protests the likes of which he has never heard before!

DC transplant said...

September 25, 2010 12:18 PM

Ref to your post- you would be correct it was when DC had a big push for Minority's primarily Black males, they failed to do back ground checks on many & hired numerous criminals they later fired.He was and has been catered to because of his color his entire career. He stompped his feet like a 2 yr old because a white female beat him out of a promotion he felt he deserved...so what does DC do they find a new position and promote him to that... I am a transplant from the DC area and am very familar with his tactics...he is useless I feel sorry for all of you that have to work under him.He has ties to various groups that do not push for equality for all...God forbid a Chief Stephens had belonged to any type of party that was not politically correct -

Anonymous said...

Well, Cedar, "F" Me! That is allowed, correct? So stupid, it's just a word, Dude, just a word.

Now, as far as Monroe being totally out of his depth at CMPD, and totally ruining the dept., what else is new?

If he gets another job after what he has done at CMPD, I will be shocked...but I've been shocked before. Like when Curt hired rodney knowing he did not have a legitimate college degree.

Rodney has no credibility, no leadership skills, etc., etc.

What does shock me is why the media hasn't picked up on all the corruption at CMPD? Are they skeeeered?

Why weren't they ALL OVER the Foster video??? Such a biased, prejudiced person of questionable moral character, kind of like rodney.

But what is most shocking is that just about everyone at CMPD knows what is going on, and they chose to keep silent, allowing the destruction of CMPD by one loser.
There are people that could and should speak up and out about what is going on.

They owe it to themselves, and most importantly, to the many, many Officers of integrity that work at CMPD.

Anonymous said...

I have news for everyone, the City Council DISCUSSED hiring Monroe in depth because of his past transgressions and allowed Walton to hire him anyways....and I got this directly from the mouth of a City Council member!

THEY need to go in 2011 just like current BOCC needs to go Nov 2 this year!

Sick and tired of our leaders hiring incompetents like Monroe & Jones and CONTINUING to appease their every wish...

honestly, had these two been white, you best believe NAACP would have stepped in a LONG time ago!

Anonymous said...

TO ANON: 7:46 PM

I posted Vickie Foster ALL over the Charlotte Observer, calling all of them out on this because they said it was a personal matter....REALLY?

NO it is a PERSONNEL matter for ANYBODY with a badge to put a video out for the world to see as she did with the comments SHE made!

There are MANY of us who have called the City, Mayor F**kit (Fixxit just does NOT work for me!) and RuttRooh out....but as usual they ignore, because they do not answer to the citizens, just to each other and themselves!

Anonymous said...

I heard someone is just waiting to release a copy of the infamous video if/when Rodney promotes Foster.

Pretty smart if you ask me, that will bring them BOTH down!!

Anonymous said...

Is the Foster video a sex tape or something? I tried to view it but it looks like her boyfriend took it down. Why would he put up a sex tape of a CMPD major?

Why would CP care?

Anonymous said...

TO: September 29, 2010 11:45 AM

The only position higher than where she is now is Chief, so what promotion could she possible get since where Ruttmoo goes she will go! And I can GUARANTEE if he leaves SHE WILL NOT be considered for such a position, she is prob more qualified than him (education only) but she sure does NOT have any common sense, of course neither does he????