Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Odds and Ends

The Daily Fish Wrapper - The Observer is like a very old great aunt, you love her more than anything, but she's lost her mind, can't control her bladder, looses her teeth all the time, spends most of her day repeating herself and retelling stories from years ago.

Her health is gone, she's lost so much weight you hardly recognize her when she shows up in your driveway.

And some days you just wish she would go ahead and die.

Yesterday being September 11th, you could expect a number of stories about the 9/11 attacks, but why are they reprinting stories from 4 years ago, and acting like yesterday's news is this morning's headlines?

Reposting the same story with a new date and a few minor changes doesn't make it new news! Just as waiting until 11am to post an overnight news story so that the print edition is in the driveway does not make an online newspaper.

The Observer's home page such a mess it reminds me of a hamster cage. Why is the dominate feature Tommy's Tomlinson's face?

The Observer claims "more than 1 million adults in the Charlotte market read our products every week" and that the on-line edition "reaches 8 out of 10 Internet users in the local area."


If it were true, now that would be NEWS!

ACC Football - UGH! While everyone will drone on about the loss column I'd like to focus on the positive.

Maryland 62 - Morgan State 3.

The 62-3 beat down of Morgan State should be one for the history books. After defeating Navy on Monday, the Terrapins nailed up the largest margin of victory since the 61-0 win over the Citadel in 2003.

Maryland has already matched its win total from last year and owns its first winning streak since 2008.

But Morgan State is hardly a victory, as with the Citadel 61-0 in 2003, which begs the question is it really necessary to pummel the opposing team to a point of utter humiliation?

Of course it is this is football!

CMPD and Charlotte's LGBT Community - News not reported by the Charlotte Observer.

Roberta Dunn, a representative of the Mecklenburg Gay and Lesbian Political Action Committee (MeckPAC) and Donielle Prophete, sister of murder victim Tony Alston recently met with CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe, Majors John Diggs and Paul Zinkann, and CMPD Executive Office Vicki Foster.

The LGBT group is upset with the way the murder case of Tony aka Toni Alston was handled.

Alston, a 44-year-old transgender man/woman/whatever, died April 3 after being shot in the doorway of his/her/it's home.

LGBT community concern has focused on CMPD investigators and other officials mishandling of "appropriate media outreach" and the offensive terminology used to describe Alston.

“My initial reaction was that there was some sort of covering up of a transgender person being murdered, trying to call it some kind of robbery,” Dunn said.

Among other concerns was the use of terms like “crossdresser” and “alternative lifestyle,” first uttered by police and the victim’s family members then later repeated by The Charlotte Observer and WCNC.

The LGBT community would rather that Tony be referred to as "Toni" and be described as a she, respecting the chosen lifestyle Tony, errr Toni was living.

Dunn says CMPD needs more education on LGBT people and issues, which could help with their response to LGBT-related crimes in the future. Other cities Washington, D.C., already employ officers tasked with outreaching to LGBT communities.

A fun couple out for a night of "fun"

During the meeting Chief Monroe committed to pursuing the creation of an LGBT police liaison and holding a community forum at the Lesbian & Gay Community Center on October 12, 2010 at 6 PM. Chief Rodney Monroe, Communications head Capt. Brian Cunningham and Community Services Division head Maj. John Diggs will attend.

The Charlotte Observer's reporting of Alston's murder is here.

Cedar's takeaway: Someone was murdered, and the case remains open. Tony or Toni deserves some respect.

On the other hand this is how we roll, we all make fun, crack jokes and talk in sometimes disrespectful terms. CMPD officers are no different this is how they deal with the stresses of the job.

LGBT folks you should lighten up. The last thing CMPD needs is another Odd ball project and expense.

Panthers Fans - Fair weather football fans, the Carolina Panthers season ticket holders.

Too hot, too cold, too far behind, too much rain, too many reasons to leave early.

Real football fans stay until the 2 minute warning even if the team is behind by an impossible 99-zip! Real fans show up on time not at the end of the first quarter. Real fans don't leave during the 3rd quarter just to beat the traffic.

If you can't stay for the whole game or you're in a hurry to go home, stay home and watch the game on Fox!

Nothing lowers the morale of a team than fans walking out during the 3rd quarter.

Sure the Panthers are down by 28 points and it doesn't look good. But real fans are there to see a come back or the play that almost turned the game around.

Start supporting the Panthers by staying for the whole game!


Anonymous said...

ANY committee that has Paul Zinkann and Vicki Foster both on it is truly a "brain trust" and will undoubtedly come up with some brillant solutions and approaches.......NOT, I repeat, NOT!!

From everything I am told, Zinkann is an arrogant, obnoxious ass kisser who ONLY cares about his own advancement and would protect rodney at any cost to his non existent integrity.

And foster, well, what else can possibly be said about her TOTAL lack of good judgment and absence of character?

And THESE are the people rodney likes to promote and surround himself with.....go figure.

Says volumes and volumes about him.....

Rodney can't leave CMPD soon enough...and one hopes he takes his "loyal minions" with him, PLEASE!!

Because I believe people at CMPD will have a long memory concerning rodney's loyalists.

Anonymous said...

So Cedar's true colors are showing not only is he racist but homophobic!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:12
Where have you been? We all know that. (Add sexist, too! :o)

Remember Archie Bunker? He's kind of like him, we all know what he is, but love him anyhow.

But he is entitled to his "opinions".

It's his Blog.

Anonymous said...

ANON 11:12 & 11:21

You two are funny and obviously very dense, being nice with that term!

If anything Cedar is honest and open! Something you two obviously lack!

Cedar, thanks for the story on the Charlotte Observer, I think they just need to roll up and go back to Mexico, oopppsss, I mean California!

As as far as CMPD goes the SOONER Monroe is gone the SOONER CMPD & Charlotte can begin to heal and recoup all that he is undone! And THAT coming from ME is putting it NICELY!

And might I suggest he take his personal butt kisser Walton with him too when he DOES go!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:51

Do you think all of the people that have stayed on the rodney bandwagon and taken advantage of his "cronyism" will run for cover when he leaves?

It should be a source of amusement watching that!

Zinkann better hope he goes with rodney,from what all I am told! LOL
As well as Viki and many others!

Anonymous said...

If anything doesn't surprise me it is Charlotte's ever growing gay community.

I don't have any ax to grind, and queers and lesbos can do what they want just don't make me pay for your lifestyle!

Which means, I don't want to pay for special police who can relate to gays. I don't want to pay for insurance for same sex partners. And I don't want to worry about being PC when I write up the paper work.

Anonymous said...

OMG God are those two gay guys pointing each other or that other guy's ass? Too fn funny.

Anonymous said...

So when is DoughBoy, aka Zinkann, going to become the OFFICIAL numero uno Butt Smoocher??

Seems like everyone is waiting with bated breath for the "announcement" from what I am told, :)

Miss Vicki, the prodigal daughter, will be the next DC. I mean, really, can you beat that?

She is "involved" in the operations of a security company, makes a TAPE hawking a "reality" show that is prejudicial and sleazy, coupled with people respect her about as much as they do the chief and doughboy, and she will be getting a PROMOTION? You really just cannot make this crap up, can you??? But she plays the victim really well, from what I am told.

Karma, it's catching up to them, seems more and more and more people are disgusted with what has been and is going on at CMPD. When the lid blows, there will be no holding will blow big time!

Anonymous said...

From what I am told, Santa Claus is coming tonight. I believe it, because that is what I have been told.

Anonymous said...

What a joke....Roberta Dunn..if you are born a male or a female and have not had a sex change surgically then thats what you are...just because you choose to dress a certain way , wear some make up ect doent make you the opposite cant change that w/o the operation...and then I don't think you can even change it on your DL or social so guess what if your born a male you get to stay one...doesnt matter what you wear.If the subjects family isn't complaining about the terminolgy who are you to stir the pot?? CMPD doesnt need anymore committees, your wasting tax payers money....Grow up

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:51
If your source is reliable, you can believe what you are told.

If it's the "chief" telling you something, I would double, triple, and quadruple check.

But, hey, you believe what you want, Tinkerbelle.

And Santa may just be coming a lot sooner than you think!

Anonymous said...


Just got this back today from the mayor's administrative assistant:

"Thank you for your note to Mayor Foxx. The video you have reference is no longer available to review. We do believe it was in regards to a private matter and will rely on Chief Monroe to monitor the situation."

Link to whole article on the Blog here:

So the Mayors office AND Rodney are aware of the situation with Vicki Foster.

They were told by Rodney that it was a "private" matter.

What complete and utter BULLSHIT.

This is HUGE.