Friday, September 17, 2010

Tampa Bay @ Carolina

Panthers Fans - Fair weather football fans, the Carolina Panthers season ticket holders.

Too hot, too cold, too far behind, too much rain, too many reasons to leave early.

This Sunday the Panthers welcome, and I use that term very loosely the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The much heated rivalry should provide for a good match up with Carolina on top as the clock winds down.

Carolina is 11-3 against Tampa Bay. But another rough season start for Carolina could be in the works, as a loss here would be a major set back.

Which brings out the question of fans. Believed it or not sports psychologists say that while football is about physical talent, the mental side may account for as much as 35%. In other words fans make a difference.

Real football fans stay until the 2 minute warning even if the team is behind by an impossible 99-zip! Real fans show up on time not at the end of the first quarter. Real fans don't leave during the 3rd quarter just to beat the traffic.

If you can't stay for the whole game or you're in a hurry to go home, stay home and watch the game on Fox!

Nothing lowers the morale of a team more than fans walking out during the 3rd quarter.

Sure the Panthers are down by 28 points and it doesn't look good. But real fans are there to see a come back or the play that almost turned the game around.

A stadium that empties out during the 3 quarter gives the home team a sense of failure and the visiting team the feeling that they have this team on the run.

I'm not saying you need to stay through the final knee when the team is down by 21 but at least stay until the final 5 mins.

I've been to games where the 4th quarter is like a ghost town. The vendors are as much to blame as the fans, I know beer stops flowing and the sales dry up.

Maybe Panthers management needs to address beer sales.

But until then start supporting the Panthers by staying for the whole game!


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