Sunday, October 10, 2010

Afghanistan US ARMY Flight Medic Tyrone Jordan of Charlotte

The Charlotte Observer ran this story and photo in Sunday's paper and online edition. The only trouble is the Observer with all the technology put only a tiny photo on line. The drama is lost in the tiny photo. Click on the above photo. See what I mean?

Yep totally BAD ASS!

The Observer story below and at the bottom of this post a link to more photos.

In a photograph taken in Afghanistan and seen around the world, Army medic Tyrone Jordan of Charlotte runs off the battlefield hunched under the weight of a wounded U.S. Marine he is carrying on his back.

Jordan's face is fixed with intensity, his mouth wide open, yelling. The Marine's legs hang over one of Jordan's shoulders; his arms and head dangle from the other. Dust from the desert swirls around them.

It is an iconic image of war: one man saving the life of another.

The rest of the story by Elizabeth Leland is here.

More photos of Sgt. Jordan are here.

More of Photographer Scott Olson's Afghanistan photo are here.

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