Monday, October 18, 2010

Cedar Posts VOTE 2010

Of the many names you will see on the ballot November 2nd (2 weeks from tomorrow), some are for various judgeships.

Cedar Posts is backing the following Judges on the Mecklenburg County ballot:

District Court Judge 26 Lisa Bell

District Court Judge 26 Sean Smith

District Court Judge 26 Matt Osman

Superior Court Judge (26B) Bill Constangy

Court of Appeals Judge Ann Marie Calabria

Court of Appeals Judge Rick Elmore

Court of Appeals Judge Dean R. Poirier

Court of Appeals Judge Doug McCullough

NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Barbara Jackson

A listing of early voting polls, location and hours for Mecklenburg County is here and the 2010 sample ballot generator is here.

Comming up tomorrow North and South Carolina Congressional Races.


Anonymous said...

Good choices!

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Judge Bell you hottie of the week?

Anonymous said...

And Andrew Murray for DA.