Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Officers Shooting of 15 Year Old Could Have Been Avoided

Jeffrey Green, 15, learned a really hard lesson Saturday night. But it is going to take more than police officer shooting a young man to change a culture that has become known for hysterics whenever the Police are called.

According to a CMPD press release Green was not involved in his mother's stabbing, and another man was later charged in the case. Police described the shooting as "a very unfortunate incident."

At the risk of sounding like a bigot what is it about black folks that turns a domestic argument into a shooting? What makes it so hard to remain calm and let the police take care of matters? What is it that turns a break-up into such carnage?

So much so that it takes a near fatal shooting, no less than 2 dozen police officers, fireman, medics and the chief of police to restore order.

I asked some current and former CMPD officers and they all offer basically the same explanation, "its a cultural thing", "just how its been since the marches on Montgomery", "its genetics". It's something that they learn to expect in certain neighborhoods.

About a half dozen times in the past three months crowds have gathered when police were called for various reasons to predominantly black neighborhoods. Sometimes they are genuinely concerned citizens, but just as often they are taunting the police, expressing their frustration or contempt.

Whatever the reason it needs to stop. Taunting police while they are doing their job is not only disrespectful, but it endangers the lives of all involved.

Running down the street screaming you've been stabbed, does absolutely nothing to help the situation and in this case nearly cost a young man his life.

Knocking off the craziness will go a long way to avoid the shooting of another young man like Jeffery Green.

It's been three years since Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Officers Jeff Shelton and Sean Clark were killed in the line of duty. They were killed responding to a disturbance call at the Timber Ridge apartments.

You can bet CMPD officers think about Shelton and Clark every time they respond to a call where there are a number of people gathered.

Respect this fact. Respect our police officers and stop the hysterics.



October 18, 2010:

Update in Officer involved shooting in the North Division
Homicide Unit Detectives continue to investigate the shooting incident involving Officer Matt Wilson as he responded to an Assault with a Deadly Weapon/Knife call on Brandie Glen Drive. This is a very unfortunate incident and our thoughts remain with the young man and his family as well as Officer Wilson and his family.

The preliminary investigation has revealed that Officer Wilson was dispatched to an ADW/Knife call and that the suspect was possibly still on scene. When Officer Wilson arrived on scene he located Valinda Streater, the female victim of a stabbing, down the street from the actual location of the stabbing. After a brief initial interview with Ms. Streeter, Officer Wilson walked towards her home, in order to check on her elderly parents who were still inside the house, and to look for a possible suspect. As Officer Wilson walked towards Ms. Streater’s home, his attention was drawn to two subjects, one of which appeared very agitated walking towards him and holding a knife. Unbeknownst to Officer Wilson at the time, this individual was Ms. Streater’s 15 year old son, Jeffery Green. Officer Wilson gave several commands to Mr. Green to drop the knife; he did not drop the knife and continued walking towards Officer Wilson.

Based on statements from Officer Wilson, he feared for his life and fired his service pistol striking Mr. Green who was armed with the knife. Mr. Green immediately ran from the scene and was located a short distance away behind a house. Medic was called for Mr. Green and he was rushed to Carolinas Medical Center for treatment. During a search of the area, a 12 ½” knife was located in a grassy area immediately adjacent to the scene of the shooting.

Several witnesses have come forward to give statements as it relates to this incident; however, at this time we have yet to interview Mr. Green. We continue to canvass the neighborhood for additional witnesses and request that anyone who has information to add to this investigation call 704-432-TIPS and speak directly to a Homicide Unit Detective. Detective B. Ward is the lead detective assigned to the case. In addition, you may also call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

The officer involved in this incident has been identified as Matthew R. Wilson. He is assigned to the North Division and was hired on January 28, 2008. Officer Wilson has been placed on paid administrative leave which is standard procedure whenever an officer is involved in a shooting. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division will continue to investigate to ensure that all department policies and procedures were followed.


Anonymous said...

This shooting is entirely the fault of the 15 year old. After your mother was just stabbed, why in the world would you pick up a 12.5" knife and walk toward a cop? Then instead of calming walking, why would you be yelling, cursing and carrying on.

When a cop points a gun at you and tells you to drop whatever you have. That's pretty universal to stop and drop what you have. Nope, you have a 15 year old who continues yelling and screaming and walking toward a cop.

The blame for this rests entirely on the shoulders of the 15 year old. And I love how the picture of him the news is showing is probably several years old.

Anonymous said...

Actually I blame the mother more than kid...you are what you live!

Mom had this abusive thug in her home, that in itself is enough to tell me what kind of mother she is!

I am sure this kid was raised to hate & disrespect the police, which is why the kid didn't listen to the officers.

But none the less they will sue and our great City will pay...BS it is time we take come of these to court and show who the real culprit is! THE PARENTS!

Anonymous said...

Another racist rant by Cedar Posts. Maybe this should be called Bigots Posts

Anonymous said...

10:08 you are an idiot-

Cedar- Great link about the whore and the BOA guy OBTW

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Cedar for pointing out the sad facts.

While I can't say it happens everytime, but more often than not when an arrests is made or we have to go looking for someone, we get a crowd.

You really have to have eyes in the back of your head. You never know who is friendly and who is not.

Since Montgomery I treat everyone as if they are armed and an aggressor.

You get to close I tell you to back away, you don't listen you are going down. And 9 of 10 times I'm pulling my weapon.

Don't think you'll have time to yell our "don't taze me bro", its too late.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Cedar, Officer's goal, end the shift the way you started it, Alive!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Got to feel bad for the kid. But they might as well put the ankle bracelet on him now while he's in the hospital.

If he hasn't learned any common sense or right from wrong by now his life is just going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

You morons,

The kids mom was stabbed. He was upset and looking for the person that did it. He probably had no idea he had the knife in his hand. I am not blaming the officer, however I see it from the kids POV. Yes I have been an officer for 20 + years, so I know what was going through his mind.

11:31 post. You need to find a new career dude.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are correct at least as I hear things. The kid was coming down the street. Had he not been yelling and cursing he would not have been confronted.

Had I been in Matt Wilson's shoe I would have put him down sooner.

I don't know about 1:51 but there is a mental line I draw, while I try to figure out what is on this guys mind. Its dark, he's screaming you have no idea what he's saying. Your goal is to end the concern or at least contain it.

I'm sure the last thing Matt wanted to do was shoot a kid.

Looks like a lot of Monday morning quarterback going on. But I'll say this Matt's a little wet behinf the ears but this was by the book.

He had every reason to think this was the perp and he was not of stable mind, the kids actions matched with the facts as they were presented to him by the mother.

I'm sure she did help mattters by yelling her fool head off.

Anonymous said...

Want a complete waste of tax payer dollars, using good bullets only to have this punk be back on the streets with a grudge for the rest of his life.

You know we'll be seening more of him in short order.

Anonymous said...

Sure lets just shoot kids as long as they are black, because we know they will all end up in jail anyways.

No reason to worry about this trigger happy cop unless he point his gun at a white kid.

I'd bet he wouldn't even pull his gun if it was a white kid and that is really sad.

Anonymous said...

It would not had happened if the mother didn't --------- and you can fill in the blank.

Anonymous said...

This is about BEHAVIOR, not about color. If the kid was white, or Asian, or Latino, and behaved in the same way, I suspect we would have had the same results. People who chaulk it up to color seem to chaulk EVERYTHING up to color, which then allows them not to take responsibility for the behavior, or, worse, excuse behavior because of color. How, in today's environment, can ANYONE not understand that obeying an officer's lawful commands is the key to a better outcome? While I am sure the kid was distraught, that does not excuse his failure to heed the officer's commands and he bears the responsibility for the outcome of this encounter. I am glad he was not killed.

DWright1 said...

Anybody explain why the little angel was running amok with a large knife to begin with?

Anonymous said...

If this is about only about kids with bad behavior, why are there only 2 comments on the post about the 16 WHITE kid who brought explosives to school and had bomb making materials at his house that injured 4 fire fighters????

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:11
Because there just isn't much controversy in that story. That kid is an idiot, and I suppose we could all post that, but what's the point?

The CO says the firefighters "suffered minor injuries during an explosion as they conducted a field test on a substance found at the scene." I'm grateful the injuries were minor but it makes me wonder -- did they take the appropriate precautions?

Anonymous said...

The little MoFo had it coming he was looking for a fight, but forgot the first rule, don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

Anonymous said...

I agree Cedar, it did not and should not have had to happen, but as Anon 5:53 it is about behavior. Behavior that is LEARNED and handed down from generation to generation!

Fact is had the mother NOT had the fool living there it would not have happened.

Had the mother (yes she was stabbed) stopped running around & creaming she may have been able to keep her son clam.

Had the boy not learned to ignore and hate police he may not have been shot.

It is a learned behavior from the home environment period.

Anonymous said...

This is a real honest question...

What cop wouldn't shoot?

Here you have a subject coming up the road in a rage holding a 12 1/2" knife. The subject is coming from the direction the suspect is at per the stabbing victim. The subject refuses your commands to drop the knife. He's within the 21 foot circle.

Who wouldn't shoot?

Anyone who says they wouldn't, needs to find a new job.

Anonymous said...

This is a prime example of how unethical and prejudice the city of Charlotte has become. We are so quick to convict the innocent without any evidence. Download the picture of weapon before you speak. You were not at the scene but only trying to cover up the law just like they did in the Rodney King case. There are protocols and polices should follow them to the fullest especially since they represent the law. This is why so many africian americans do not respect prejudice CMPD officers because they are afraid of being killed first. This city has become so corrupted because our police department is crooked.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 10:01, you are right. It is a giant conspiracy. Rodney King? Are you serious? Download the picture of the knife? Again, really? I'm sure if they showed the knife, the next thing out of your mouth would be "I bet that the crooked racist cops planted the knife". The police can't win, people in the hood are never pleased.

Anonymous said...

did I miss something? where did the yelling and screaming while walking come from?

Anonymous said...

Seems the young man was very upset. Yelling and cursing as he stormed down the short distance from his home to confront the officers.

The CMPD statement uses the term "very agitated" which those in LE known means cursing. The agrees with witness accounts and media reports.