Friday, November 26, 2010

Crack Heads Among Us

Major Props to CMPD for cuffin and stuffin a car load of crack heads overnight.

While some of us are out getting an early start on our Christmas shopping this foursome is out getting arrested.

Arrested early Friday morning and charged with possession of cocaine are William Franklin Small 33 of Gastonia, NC; Amanda Sue Davis 28 of Lincolnton, NC; Repeat Offender Jessica Lynn Furr 23 of Midland, NC; and bonus bust is Jonathan David Bridges 30 of Charlotte who in addition to the cocaine charge is also charged with carrying a concealed weapon.

Jonathan David Bridges

William Franklin Small

Jessica Lynn Furr

Amanda Sue Davis

Props to JT for the heads up.


Anonymous said...

Nice job CMPD! Wish you would lock up more of these hoes and junkies.

Nothing like being to high you can't talk your way out of a drug bust.

Well its back to working the street corner girls. Gota make that money to pay the lawyer and the bail bondsman.

Anonymous said...

The sad part about it is the kids will be in and out of the system until they either get help or die. Our great country doesn't believe i rehab and I don't mean 28 days. I mean long-term as in at least a year! Where they learn how to live without dope!

You can thank your local insurance companies for that one. They have this program overseas and the success rate is 87%! By the time the addict leaves they are employed and have means to add instead of take from society!

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION- November 28, 2010 1:46 PM

Are you kidding me, none of the individuals are kids...they are all free white and well over 21 and can do and have done as they pleased. There is no rehab for drug dealers and if they wanted it for being addicts well yes it's out there and there are a lot of free me we have to drive them to the "Free Programs" . All of them have been in and out of trouble for a long time. So you want to blame some one blame the people who did not raise them right...the ones who look the other way and do not parent their children. Until you have personally dealt with anyone like this don't feed anyone the liberal BS you are have no clue go live in your bubble and pray it doesnt pop.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they were let out before the ink dried on the paperwork.