Thursday, November 25, 2010

In Case You Missed It - Fantasia

Fantasia Barrino testified Monday (November 23) in onetime boyfriend Antuan Cook's divorce case saying she knew from the start that he was married and living with his wife, CNN reports.

The singer had previously admitted the relationship but said then that she didn't know Cook was married. Wife Paula Cook in early August filed for divorce, seeking custody and alimony and citing "alienation of affection", Adultery is still a crime in North Carolina.

Radar Online cited sources, including a Cook family member, as saying Fantasia testified she'd been pregnant and gotten an abortion shortly before her August 9th suicide attempt.

Barrino and Paula Cook met for mediation on November 1st, with the singer reportedly willing to hand over $100,000, but Paula Cook unwilling to settle without Fantasia admitting she'd known Antuan Cook was married.

Barrino performed in Charlotte last week, making little mention of her recent troubles except for "a midshow film that dismissed her detractors" and some tearful words about self-acceptance and personal growth, according to the "Local Paper".


Anonymous said...

Were you just totally bored when you wrote this? lol

Anonymous said...

Charlottes claim to fame an insane adulterous whore....great