Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Odds and Ends

Sanders v. CMPD Et al - Back in April Charlotte resident Rickey Sanders picked up three teenage girls and apparently took them to a hotel off Tyvola Road. What happened next is pretty hazy.

According to WCNC: "The girls say they ended up at the Hilton near Tyvola Road where they went with Sanders to a hotel room. At some point, detectives say Sanders pulled out a box cutter, sexually assaulted one girl and attempted to assault another. When the teens ran from the room, they alerted staff at the front desk who called police."

Sanders was located and CMPD charged him with 3 counts of felony kidnapping, 1st degree sex offense, sexual battery and damage to property. The Mecklenburg County Arrest Record is here. WCNC News ran the story several times during newscasts on April 8 and April 9, 2010.

Then on April 27, 2010 WCNC a story titled "Fugitive Files" which highlighted accused rapist Daniel Rodriguez and included Rickey Sanders by reporting: "And the last of our five greatest hits is Rickey sander. He’s charged with kidnapping and raping a teen. VCAT caught up with him earlier this month."

Since then the charges have apparently been dismissed and Sanders released from jail.

On Monday Sanders filed suit in US Federal court against the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department, CMPD Officer Mike Melendez and WCNC News as well as former news reporter Mark Boone, claiming his (Sanders) civil rights were violated.

Sanders has been convicted in the past of weapons violation and child abuse.

CMPD Animal Control - It didn't get much coverage outside of Tony Burbeck's report that aired on WCNC News two weeks ago.

While it was not the bombshell that the Marcus Jackson story provided is does show that CMPD is now a breeding ground for unethical and just down right wrong behavior.

From WCNC:

Pictures taken inside Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s Animal Care and Control and posted on Facebook have prompted an internal investigation and a reminder about the appropriate use of social media sites.

A former volunteer at Animal Care and Control says it is sad enough the animals are there, but now it appears someone was having fun at their expense.

Animal Care and Control says 65 percent of the animals that come there will be euthanized.

In the first picture, a cat has a cigarette in its mouth, what appears to be earphones in its ears and a knife with an exposed blade between its paws. The caption says: “Had a little too much fun with a tranquilized feral cat."

In the second picture, someone is holding a kitten with a pen in its mouth. The caption says: "Angry kitty wants to write you a note."

The third picture shows a ferret without hair. The caption says: "Apparently somebody thought it would be fun to Nair Brenna." Nair is a hair removal product.

These pictures were posted to a CMPD Animal Care and Control veterinary technician’s Facebook page.

Animal Care and Control confirms these pictures prompted an ongoing internal investigation.

The rest of the story is here.

Cedar Says: Hard to tell what is going on, but it sure doesn't make CMPD's ACC Unit look very professional.

Cedar Posts Update: Looks like this story is now getting some traction. WBTV has posted a report that aired Monday's 6PM Newcast. Details are here.

TSA Stands Firm - While the mainstream media runs with stories of congressmen speaking out against the TSA , odd grope reports, pilot union objections and ACLU concerns they are missing the quiet stealth like attack in the making. The TSA will no doubt also be caught off guard by this protest in the making.

Across the US at many college campuses students are preparing for a short break and in doing so have been tweeting away about the TSA and opt out program.

Seems college students like the idea of getting groped and are planning to opt out in mass.

Other grid locking ideas from the under 25 crowd run from mooning, to requesting "new latex gloves" before the extensive and invasive pat down, "after all who knows what type of disease the last guy being groped had".

Keep in mind that college students make up a large percentage of travelers after Thanksgiving so if it's bad over the Thanksgiving weekend it will only get worse as the public vs the TSA fight goes all out.

UPDATE: Charlotte's WBTV News picks up the protest movement "National Opt-Out Day" here.


Anonymous said...

All you have to do is look at who is over CMPD to see why ALL areas of the department is failing...with leadership(more like lack of)like Monroe we have no chance in hell of Charlotte ever regaining any respect in or out of the city/county limits! We have become the laughing stock of the south!

I PRAY we actually get it right in 2011 with a WHOLE new City Council and that INCLUDES getting rid of Barnes!

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is a damn mess...exactley why is Sanders sueing ?? Because he was arrested based on witness statements made to LEO? Then the witness/complaintants either renigged or didnt show up or maybe even lied...he should have been takken care of appropriatley by the inmates in jail the first time for molesting kids...what a piece of work...problems today consist of people having way to many rights- exploiting teh constitution to make it fit whatever need someone can come up with. If you are a convict especially one of a violent nature your rights should be forefited...yes there are people out there who will disagree however I bet you the crime rate would be down and Bev Purdue and Rodney Monroe would not have jobs- both are a waste of tax payers time and money

Anonymous said...


I am a convicted felon and I have DONE my time! My charges were all drug related, but I am TIRED of doing time AFTER I have already done my time! When do we quit paying?

NOW, with that being said, YES anyone who has murdered, raped, molested or harmed another SHOULD never see the light of day in my view! ONLY because THEY don't seem capable of rehab in MOST cases, not all......

Anonymous said...

TO:November 21, 2010 5:36 AM

Ok you did your time,great did you learn from it or did you repeat it like so many others? Drug offenses are not always violent but they can be, it leads to others things- look at Charlottes Homicide rate or any other town around the area. You have the junkies who rob people to get money to buy their drugs, you have the gangs/ gang banger and wanna be's killing each over for drugs. Maybe thats not always a bad thing however the manpower it takes for Law Enforcement to go find the Gang banging murders is taking away from the innocent people who come home and find their house has been broken into. So you see it does come full circle , a felony is a felony is a felony and most people don't ever learn from their mistakes dont get me wrong I am not saying all people just most. Maybe you are one of the few, but answer me this would you want your son or daughter dating someone with a criminal past? Would you allow it?