Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shots Fired at Garinger High School

Crazy news from Garinger High School in Charlotte. School was on lock down as of 3:00Tuesday.

According to FOX News:

Police say shots were fired after two students got into a fight outside Garinger High School on Eastway Drive Tuesday afternoon. No injuries were reported and police recovered the gun on campus.

Students say they heard several gun shots after school had been dismissed. The school was put on lockdown for about twenty-five minutes. Police have two students in custody at this time. They have not released the name of the students.


JAT said...

I'm gonna defend CMS et al by noting that the school is basically in the middle of a free-fire zone. Heard a story a while back about a teacher who had a kid suddenly show up in class, kind do the work, participate in class, make no trouble (so that is already on the upside of the bell curve) only to disappear one day as quickly as he came.

The other students finally clued her in that he was like 20 and was using the classroom to hide out from rival neighborhood drug dealers looking to off him.

Anonymous said...

Okay and this is one of the schools they want to keep open...great example. I'm thankful my children don't have to go to Meck co. They would be home schooled...Sad that people don't deal w/their own issues in their own back yard.