Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesday's Check This Out!

Photo By Richard Uhlich Mecklenburg EMS

MedCenter Air- I was up in the truck the other day and MedCenter One was talking to Union County. There was a multi vehicle accident with entrapment and both One and Three (out of Rock Hill) were requested.

The LZ coordinator was on the other end. I don't normally "read the mail" but there was a huge disconnect between the helo pilot, a women, and the guy on the ground.

I don't know a thing about MedCenter Ops but I'd guess the girl was in the right seat, because she was always several seconds before she would answer.

MedCenter One comes up on the radio and announces that they are "four minutes out" and it is apparent MedCenter One is doing the talking for both Helos because MedCenter Three came up on the same channel only once or twice.

I won't go in to all that was said but, what concerns me is that Union County had no clue what they were doing. First off there was a lot of radio chatter coming from the LZ and it was clear the right seat had her hands full an was in no mood for idle chat. When asked where to land the LZ coordinator replied anywhere you want to.

When they couldn't find the location the LZ keep saying we see you. Not we are at your 9 O'clock 2 miles. I don't want to offend anyone one but if I was MedCenter I'd be on the phone to someone just as soon as I shut down. If Union County needs a little refresher on LZ operations they can give me a call I'd be glad to help out.

Play of the Day! I know you've already seen this but...

CMPD Says Crime is on the Increase - Yes you read that correctly. Monday afternoon WBTV reported "Car break-ins are on the rise across the Queen City but Charlotte- Mecklenburg police say crooks are getting bolder, targeting you where you think you're the safest.

Police are doing everything they can to get the word out even going door-to-door handing out fliers. They say car break-ins are a crime of opportunity and you can be a victim anywhere even if its in your own driveway." More at WBTV.

File This Under No Way - Deputies had expected a routine B&E call, what they got was an angry naked guy with a mouse stuck up his back side. No Kidding! More bizarre details from Live 5.

CMPD Chaplain Story - CMPD command staff continue to stoke the Us vs Gay dust-up without saying so. CMPD isn't saying much and what is being said comes from Major John Diggs as the mouth piece for Chief Monroe. You can watch Diggs looking rather uncomfortable here on News 14. The Story has gotten big coverage from Coast to Coast, and CMPD's handling of the story makes Charlotte look pretty backwards.

Best Letter to Editors - Leave it to the "Local Paper" to print poignant, thought provoking letters:

Warning! Gay police chaplain may infect the rest of us!

I can only support the Christian ministers who decided to quit volunteering as police chaplains due to the fear of getting gay germs from the other volunteer chaplain. I, too, have been sitting home wearing an aluminum foil hat and vocalizing my support for the flat earth society ever since I saw a person I believe may have been homosexual standing on South Boulevard.

Can you imagine how many conservative preachers will become flagrant homosexuals if we allow gay people to walk in our midst? Heaven help us.

William D. Charnock - Charlotte

Cedar's View - I don't have an argument against Gay people. I know a few men who are openly "Out" gay and while I consider them friends, they live odd drama filed lives. Nothing is easy for them, every set back is a travesty. While they would like to be accepted as who they are, they go to extremes to say who they aren't.

Do I understand being Gay? No, I just can't see looking as some guy's hairy ass and thinking to myself "yum yum". As far as lesbians, now that I get! As long as they are both hot. Which they never are. And for the transgender crowd, other than the Bird Cage with Robin Williams it is not funny or entertaining its sad. Chaz Bono still looks like a freak.

On the other hand, I have a gay friend of nearly 20 years. A couple of years ago his life long partner died after a long illness. And I have to admit there was no doubt that relationship was based on the strong and deep love they shared.


Anonymous said...

Cedar, you are so predictable.

I imagine gay men have a difficult time looking at, oh, breasts, and thinking Yum, Yum.

But you miss the point, it's not just about the sex for gays and lesbians.

Just like heteros, it's about intimacy and human connection.

You are born gay, it's not a choice. Every gay friend I have, and every gay person I have ever met, all agree.

And this has never been about gay vs. straight at CMPD...it's been about rodney getting his way and pushing his POWER. With him it's ALWAYS, give me ANY pushback, have ANY difference of opinion, and I will cut you off at the knees...because he lets his childish behavior get in the way of any kind of rational, adult thinking.

There are two separate stories/rumors circulating about two different members of command staff at CMPD....both verifiable and unbelievable...check them out, Cedar.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:05

If you're talking about Sherry Pearsal it's pretty much general knowledge that she is gay and has a long time "partner" living with her over in Belmont.

No real news there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:01
Old news...

No, these stories have NOTHING to do with being gay or lesbian...totally unrelated.

But stories that show just another fine example of how screwed up CMPD is, with it's "command staff" setting "fine examples".

Anonymous said...

Do any of you people really think six men of God from different churches and different religions would all at once decide to be bigots?

Do you really think they turned their backs on a fellow Christian just because she was gay?

All six of them?

Major Diggs can't keep a straight face saying "I think they made a wrong assumption", what utter bullshit.

He is lying, and he can't even look at the camera.

Have you ever seen anyone look so uncomfortable?

I'm not buying it!

Cedar Posts said...

Anonymous 10:07

Nothing that I've heard lately. But back channel to CedarPosts@gamil.com and we'll chase it down.

Nothing we'd rather do than send out another flaming arrow.

One of these days someone is going to listen.

Anonymous said...

Don't know about Union County but we have one LZ contact who makes sure the area is flat or no more than 10 degrees. Clear of trash, and other things that might blow around. 75x75 daylight 100x100 night and at least one side clear of obstructions. Long ass detailed list always done to the letter.