Sunday, November 14, 2010

What Politicos Like Charlotte's Edwin Peacock, The 3rd Should Not To Tweet

Years ago I worked for a company whose president, filled the company's monthly newsletter with details of his personal life in a section titled "The View from The Top".

He often wrote about family events, trips and vacations, rather than focus on company issues. His tales of spending Christmas skiing the Swiss Alps, his summer free diving in the islands, and hunting big horn sheep in Montana during the winter, are a good example. He wrote about shopping with his wife in London, and New York, and his travels were always sprinkled with some "A" list celebrity encounters just for good measure.

No one in the main office, myself included, had enough backbone to suggest he tone it down. In fact, he believed everyone loved hearing about his trips and all the trouble he went to surprise his wife with that brand new Mercedes for her birthday.

For some reason he never thought about how the people who made his lifestyle possible might feel reading about his lavish spending.

He never understood that to most of his employees watching a football game, having a couple of cold beers and a pizza with close friends qualified as a "hell of a good" weekend.

So along the same lines I can't help but wonder why in the world our Charlotte City Councilman Edwin Peacock, III is tweeting away about his trip to Pebble Beach and his run this weekend in the Big Sur Half Marathon.

@EdwinPeacockIII: Beginning the 17 Mile Drive & now @ the Links @ Spanish Bay on our way to see Peeble Beach. Golf overlooking 30 ft surf. Amazing!

@EdwinPeacockIII: Kids flirting in 50 degree surf w clothes on & no fear! We're just below the Pebble Beach course!

@EdwinPeacockIII: In Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA in search of former Mayor Clint Eastwood. No sightings yet. Maybe that's a good thing.

@EdwinPeacockIII: Pre game warm up underway here for the Big Sur Half Marathon Monterrey Bay CA. Oceanside course looks incredible. Start in 20 min. RunFast!

@EdwinPeacockIII :Stats: MMOB (moi), Big Sur Half Marathon in 1:45:02. MMMOB-Madame Chi (my wife) 1:57:09! The race was breathtaking. Scenic beyond belief!

@EdwinPeacockIII: The official Big Half Marathon medal. A very Northern Cali piece of art!

No doubt it was a great weekend for Councilman Peacock, his wife Amy and their family. His 1:45 time for a half marathon is pretty impressive and the scenery around Big Sur I'm sure is stunning this time of year.

But most of us spent our weekend, raking leaves, mowing the lawn, wondering where our kids will go to school next year, how we'll pay our mortgage if we get a property tax increase and how we'll stretch the $50.00 we have in our checking account until pay day.

While all that Edwin Peacock III could concern himself with this weekend was how great the west coast is and how well he did in the Big Sur Half Marathon.

But that's ok the rest of us worried about the future of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and how much it will end up costing taxpayers, we wondered about the shadyness at CMPD, Mecklenburg County DSS ongoing mess, and how we are going to pay for a light rail system and trolly car none of us will ever use.

Cedar's advice, save the bragging for the company newsletter.


Anonymous said...

Cedar you are so right, how out of touch can you be? But Peacock (what a fitting name) was elected by those who had the cash, now that I hope will not hold up.

Good that he could go to California to run a marathon, how nice while the rest of us spend the weekend trying to make ends meet.

I hope people think of his tweets next Novemeber.

Anonymous said...

This Peacock clown has always impressed me as nothing more than a shitheel. With every "tweet" he proves me right, the twit.

Anonymous said...

He's pretty big headed alright. If he likes the west coast so much maybe he can do us a big favor and move there.

Even better he can take that Rutt Mutt Webster with him.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to figure out where he saw the 30 foot surf and why he's let his kids play in the 50 degree water. Maybe someone should call the DSS.

He really is a major DB!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

He is one of the sharper "tools" in the City Council shed.

Dulin, Cooksey and Peacock 3 I can think of that need to go next November. There are so many idiots to choose from but Peacock is the biggest jerk among them. I'm pretty tired of him looking and talking down to everyone

Anonymous said...

The name fits what an idiot!

Anonymous said...

It's tool time! Total sack of dog shit in a nice suit, and yes I've watched the City Council Meetings he's about as rude as you can be and hell yeah he talks down his pointly ass nose at everyone.

How the hell did he get elected.

Adam Butler said...

My wife and I saved up for almost a year to take a vacation to Paris and London this past September. I tweeted the whole thing, damn near 40 or 50 pictures at least.

That makes me a douchbag?

I run. I haven't made it to Big Sur for their half marathon but maybe I will one day. I may even tweet it. If so, I'll do a much better job than Peacock did.

Anonymous said...

Adam Butler you avoid the DB title since you are not a public offical.

A public persona maybe.

As far as beating the douche bag's time, running 8's when your forty is nothing to be ashamed of.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

TO: ANON November 15, 2010 10:17 AM

You forgot Barnes...He MUST go next year! Sick of his mug everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I noticed the jerk skipped the council meeting tonight as well. Figures.

Anonymous said...

I have decided I am going to run for City Council myself! Heck if they think Rodney was so great with HIS past history how can my criminal record be any worse, right? tee hee hee