Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CMPD Looking for Jucorey Pruitt

Let's give CMPD's VCat unit a little work today, and get this pile of human waste who likes to beat up on women off the streets. 19 year old Pruitt gives his address as Huntersville, North Carolina but he could be anywhere in our area.

With nearly 2 dozen charges since January of 2009 Pruitt has been processed at least 8 times jailed and released. His last arrest on Decemeber 1st for assult on a female earned him a court ordered electronic monitor which he promptly cut off.

From FOX News Charlotte: Police need your help locating a breaking and entering suspect.
Pruitt has an extensive arrest record in Mecklenburg County including armed robberies, drug charges, felony assault charges, probation violations, resisting a public officer and numerous misdemeanor charges.

Pruitt is considered armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on Pruitt’s whereabouts should immediately contact the Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT) at (704)336-VACT or call 911.


Anonymous said...

Yes another "good little boy" released to commit more crimes against us! Great job Meck Courts!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope he pulls a weapon.

Bang Bang saves the taxpayers some money and seeing his dead nasty ass on the pavement might send a message to other thugs.

Anonymous said...

In this down economy, why not put a bounty on such people?

Anonymous said...

In fact if they let us string up a couple of these thugs they wouldn't need a cash bounty.

Charlotte has plenty of good sized trees. I'll git a rope!

I swear if we would let him swing for a couple of days it would cut down on crime in the area.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the ignorance of replies on here makes me not want to post.

"I'll git a rope".....really? What a stupid, ignorant redneck thing to say.

The fact is, the whole system is screwed up, "the revolving door".

Until they can work together, it will be the same.

And until there is some real leadership at CMPD, their part will not be done.

Until there is someone who thinks the rules and regulations and DIRECTIVES apply to him as well as everyone else at CMPD, things won't change.

Officers are out there every single day working their butts off with very little recognition.

The "kings" favorites get special treatment, recognition, etc.

From what I am told, if you are not one of the butt smoochers you can forget it.

Rodney playing favorites has just become a fact of life at CMPD....and, sad to say, if you are African American, you can do no matter what your history has matter how many inappropriate things you have done and continue to do.

And as long as he continues to thumb his nose at conventional wisdom, at any semblence of structure and regs that make any
PD above reproach, CMPD will be dysfunctional.

It will only change when he leaves.

Anonymous said...

Nice thing about being on the VCAT list is you get a lot of special treatment. They normally call the paramedics ahead of time and get all the paperwork lined up in case they need to stop a threat with a double tap.

If his parents have any sense they will drive him downtown unannouced drop him off in the parking lot and run for cover.

But VCAT is lurking waiting they'll get him the take down will be quick and he'll be spitting out his teeth and ashpalt for a while.

Go get him boyz.