Sunday, December 5, 2010

CMPD vs Meck DA Continues

Last Wednesday Cedar Posts pointed out the curious case of Iaian McClellan.

Weeks ago the news was the Demetris Montgomery case, and now details have emerged of a second case where a judge has sanctioned the prosecution. This time during the murder trial of Iaian McClellan. He was accused of killing a man during an armed robbery and shooting at police officers. The rest of the post is here.

Last Thursday the "Local Paper" ran a story stating "Marsha Goodenow, a veteran Mecklenburg prosecutor fired last week, is going back to work putting away criminals."

After a ton of fluff the Local Paper gets to the meat of the story:

"Gilchrist may have been unhappy with Goodenow over what he perceived as a lack of communication between the two over problems with some cases.

One of those cases, according to a source who asked not to be named because of the sensitivity, involved a recent plea deal given a defendant accused of killing a man at an east Charlotte apartment complex in 2008.

Prosecutors, agreed to scale back the charge to manslaughter because Charlotte-Mecklenburg police failed to turn over evidence, which weakened the prosecutors' case.

McClellan got between nine years and 12 years in prison - far less than the lifetime sentence for first-degree murder.

Goodenow didn't try the case but supervised the prosecutors who handled it."

Now things begin to make sense, but still without a direct answer from DA Gilchrist it takes an outside source to get to figure out what is going on. The Meck Deck's Jeff Taylor rolls both stories up in a very tidy package here.

Which really makes you wonder what is going on between CMPD and the Meck DA?

Question: What is wrong with Charlotte Mecklenburg public officials? What makes it q normal practice and standard operating procedure to hide the truth? It doesn't matter if we are talking about the CMPD, DA's office, City Council or United Way, every one of these operations are in continuous cover up and dismiss mode.


Anonymous said...

And the fact of the matter is that Rodney Monroe IS a major factor between the DA & CMPD! HE is not very cooperative and seems to think HE knows more than the DA....

Yes, City Council thanks to the trash YOU hired our DA is going to continue to suffer. No matter HOW great a job Andrew does, Monroe WILL continue to throw kinks into his office! Rodney is NOT a team player, he thinks he knows it all!

I would suggest Monroe go back to college and at least attempt to get a degree and much needed KNOWLEDGE! THEN I would HIGHLY suggest he take some diversity classes, whites are not the only prejudice race, Monroe has proven that!

Next year we will (hopefully) vote in a whole new City Council, maybe they can do what this one chose not to do, SCREEN and MONITOR Monroe and keep a microscopic eye on his running of CMPD!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it seems it is now SOP to obfuscate at all levels of city government, including CMPD.

And it just keeps getting worse...ethics, what's that? Integrity, what's that?

But it goes like this, if you SURROUND yourself with people of like morals and ethics (none or at the best questionable), then what you are doing will not be questioned.

And that is what rodney has done, because anyone that questioned his nefarious decisions was immediately and publicly "dealt with".

So there you go, now what do you have?

"Leadership" that has no integrity or ethics and that no one respects.

Yet no one has stood up to him, and Curt Walton with his convenient
"I think rodney is doing a good job" attitude, will never question him.

But Curt will be held responsible when rodney leaves and what has been going on is finally revealed.

And no amount of "I didn't know" by Curt is gonna cut it.

Anonymous said...

CP, you got it wrong. What you have is a bunch of Homicide Detectives and Homicide Supervisors who's ego's have been getting in the way of putting together quality investigations. Been going on way too long now. Time to severe the heads of the prima donnas.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, have you noticed when CMPD can't hack your computer they start sending you bunches of spam...roflmao

Now THAT is funny! I love the way they add my old nickname to them as well!

Guess who :-)

Anonymous said...

Another example of finger pointing and failing to own up to mistakes just like the radio failure patch with North Meck the other day. Remember when you point a finger there are three more pointing back at you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:19,

I agree with you except on one point. You said, "Yet no one has stood up to him..."

Eleven pastors recently stood up to him, said, "No" to his agenda re the Chaplaincy program. And now they're all gone. (And, NO, BTW, it wasn't about the new chaplain's sexual orientation.)

One wonders why the City Council and/or City Manager didn't bother to look into that recent fiasco and at the very least contact one of the pastors to ask, "WHY would all of you resign?"

Maybe Mr. Walton and the Council members need a reminder: The congregations of Charlotte's churches have carefully noted the total intolerance of the department toward their pastors. Those congregants understand that the issue was both racial and religious intolerance demonstrated by CMPD's Chief and Executive Staff toward the former chaplains.

Now the congregants of churches all across Charlotte are asking their pastors, "Is Chief Monroe a racist? Is he biased against Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, all Protestants?" " "Is he biased against clergy who uphold high standards of morality-even when it means turning down his friend's daughter when she applies for a position as a chaplain?"

And they should also be asking, "Why does the City Manager tolerate what's going on?" and "Why does the City Council tolerate what the City Manager is doing?"

Anonymous said...

it won't be any better with the new DA taking over that office with the current chief still in place

and it wasn't near as bad when the old chief was in charge with the current DA

bottom line: the common thread in all of the problems is Rodney Monroe

Anonymous said...

ANON: 5:06pm, that is exactly what I was saying in my post of 8:53am....

The Chief of Police is always a factor in what the DA is able to do since they are the ones who "supposed" to bring the DA a complete case! But alas, Rodney will continue pointing fingers at the DA...that is until we have a black DA then he actually MIGHT cooperate. Rodney does not like white people and will do whatever it takes to make anyone of a different race look bad including letting murders go free!