Saturday, December 18, 2010

CMPD's Major Vicki Foster Spins Murder Arrests

From WSOC News and Other Sources: Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they have made arrests in 45 out of the 56 homicides in 2010, continuing a trend of clearing more homicides than the national average.

Maj. Vicki Foster held a presser at CMPD Headquarters sans her white CMPD Command Staff uniform to say that the department's 80 percent clearance rate in 2010 is down from 91 percent in 2009, but still well ahead of the national average of 63 percent.

“We're being more proactive on our side as far as getting out into the community and asking people what have they seen and what have they heard," Foster said. “We've had an increase in tips coming in, so we definitely want to say the community is really engaged and really involved.”

Foster goes on to say: "If you commit a murder in Charlotte-Mecklenburg then we are going to catch you. What I say it's just a matter of time,"

Watch some of Major Foster's Presser here.


Anonymous said...

Arrest someone so we can spin the numbers later. Sounds like the plan. Let us hope they can keep the paper work and notes in order long enough to get those arrested to trial.

Anonymous said...

Foster what a joke! And to think that is the best CMPD has to offer?

Anonymous said...

Ah yes. Again the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him) has proven to be wise and benevolent beyond his years. The appointment of the Anointed One Vicki Foster has taken control of the wayward Homicide Unit and molded them into the image of the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him). This was much easier than the hammering, badgering and pounding that it took to transform Deputy Chief Grrrrrr Putney. The easiest change was to the puppet medlock. A simple gallon of the elixir provided by the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him) made him the clone that he is today. This wonderful, sweet elixir is consumed everyday. What a wonderful life it must be, to be in the image of the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him). Where the truth really doesn’t matter.

ThaQueenCity said...

TO: ANON 10:03 AM

TOO f'in funny!

Anonymous said...

And once again the Officers that are out there in the
Trenches get nada recognition.
But the glamour guys and gals in HOMICIDE
get "attaboys".
And Foster does not have a clue. Not a single clue as to
what she is doing...such a transparent joke!
But at least she did not have on her usual rhinestone

Anonymous said...

She is just one more way rodney is making a laughing stock and a joke out of CMPD.

And I see, as usual, she had a big 'ole Mr. T Cross on.

If you constantly have to "show" and profess your "faith", isn't that overkiill?

But remember what she said, if you do not share her faith, she may not help you in your time of need.
Yep, she said that on that infamous video.

Can you have someone like that in a position of "power" in a police department? Someone that came right out and said if you were not a "christian", she would be "tying her shoes" if you needed help?

Yea, some "christian".....I guess you have to make allowances for ignorance?


Proactive my ARS...when you have 5 people working in a district how the hell can you be proactive...Foster know whats going on before you run your mouth . There is no proactive police in CMPD just reactive...and you ask why ...because all the phony BS that Rodney Monroe has spewed about more man power additional officers on patrol he lied ask anyone on patrol or detective ..they are short because of these specialized positions, ...but hell we have what 35 RAC'S,FMT'S ...and they do what?? A victims liason that does what? A PR guy that does what?? A Chief that does what?? Whens the last time he came to a Homicide scene?? Monroe you disgust are back to your old tricks...somethings never change..

Anonymous said...

Yea, the only "proactive" thing is the $5,000 "reward".

As long as rodney is at the helm, things will only continue to go down hill.

And you plainly see whom he has chosen to surround himself with...that in itself should tell you exactly what kind of a "leader" he is.

Vicki Foster is NOT a leader, and she does not have the respect of anyone, same as rodney. A brain trust they are not....they will not break the brain bank any time soon. She is in so freaking far over her head.

Rodney is going to leave CMPD in crisis and chaos, much as it has been since he arrived...but it just keeps getting worse.

And CC and Curt Walton will one day have to answer as to why they sat idly by and let it happen.

As someone said on here not long ago, rodney is not going anywhere, do you really think he has a chance in hell of getting hired anywhere else with all his baggage?
Starting with the big lie of his non college degree.

Pathetic that CC and Walton let this travesty of "leadership" continue because they are such little fish in a big pond.

And keep VF OFF the camera, let the many, many PR people you hired do the talking, and spare the city embarrassment.

Anonymous said...

DC, you sound like a disgruntled cop looking to vent (which I get). I am not a fan of the chief, never met him. RAC's seem useless, but the FMT's (at least the ones in my district) do good work. Some don't like them because they don't have to answer calls, but they help patrol without hesitation and don't act like primadonas (sp)? You complain about specialized units, find a city this size that doesn't have specialized units. We probably have less than most.


December 23, 2010 12:39 AM

Are you kidding me?? FMT's are supposed to be there handeling burglaries, robberies whatever it is that comes out in the community. How many calls do they handle when do they handle same..Just because they ride around in the vans for 4,5,6 hrs doesnt mean they are working. Maybe your district is an exception...and you want to talk about specialized units come on must be new or Im not disgruntled ...Im honest

Anonymous said...

Vans? Ours don't use vans, they use cars. When patrol gets slammed, they help out with calls. New or blind? C'mon man, be better than that. Now you just sound like you are whining. Nothing wrong with being disgruntled, maybe you just need a change of scenery. Specialized units can be good if used right. There will always be drama with these units, that's just the way it is. Maybe resentment (sp?) is a better word than drama. DC, don't hate the player, hate the game. New or blind, that's funny.


See you said it "Specialized units CAN be good if used RIGHT. " Dont hate the Player ....did you really saying