Wednesday, December 8, 2010

CMPD's VCAT Unit Takes Down Habitual Felon Jucorey Pruitt

Looking rather unhappy in his latest glamor shot photo Jucorey Pruitt was processed a little after 4 on Wednesday afternoon.

CMPD officers took the wanted felon into custody during a felony traffic stop.

Additional charges include Marijuana, Felony B&E, Injury to personal property, and Interference with an electronic monitoring device. His bond is set at $38,000.00.

Props to CMPD for making short work of Mr. Pruitt's time on the run.


Anonymous said...

As I have always said our officers on the force at TOP NOTCH in spite of that idiot Monroe!

Good going VCAT!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the dozen or so arrests on this wild little crack monkey?

He has been a violent busy little troll over the past few years with felony, after felony, after felony arrest.

Yet he remained out on the streets. What judge let him to roam free to do his violence and stealing again? Are we waiting for him to kill before these liberal ACLU judges get serious?

Anonymous said...

Hey Cedar: stop calling these POS's Mr.!!! that just jerks my chain when everyone gives them unrewared dignity...start a campaign against their rights...maybe this country will wake up in the yr 3000

Cedar Posts said...

9:00 - I agree Mr. is too good. MoFo would nicely.