Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday Odds and Ends

Some Over Due Kudos - Last week CMPD and Huntersville police officers worked fast to track down accused murderer Jamarr Springs.

The one man crime spree was heading north when CMPD first received the call around 10:30.

Fifteen minutes after the first call the suspect had forced a driver out of his vehicle and took a passenger hostage. The passenger was released a short time later unharmed.

As police closed in, Springs fled on foot down Sam Furr Road. Officials say Springs removed most of his clothing and was wearing only his underwear when he was arrested.

But according to FOX News there was consider behind the scenes drama that played out over the airwaves.

From Fox News: There were some tense moments of radio communication in the field that could have been the difference between life and death for police.

CMPD uses the communication center in Uptown Charlotte while Huntersville uses North Mecklenburg's.

CMPD's call center was trying to sync up with North Mecklenburg's, they asked for approval, but there was a delay.

CMPD Captain Chuck Adkins says we were unable to get that approval in a timely manner, so just for the officers safety out there, we made that patch."

Besides Huntersville and CMPD officers the folks in CMPD's communications unit get a major shout out for working through the issues that prevented CMPD and Huntersville officers from talking to each other directly.

Cedar's Take: You would think that now nearly ten years after 9/11 we would understand the importance of functional radios. Are you listen Mecklenburg Board of Commissioners and Charlotte City Council?

Panthers Steve Smith - File this one under men behaving badly.

Carolina Panther's Steve Smith rips a sign from a Seahawk fan during Sunday's loss in Seattle. The Panthers are dealing with the teams worst season in history.

Not that anyone can blame Smith or anyone else from getting a little frustrated with yesterday's beating at the hands of the Seahawks.

The Panthers are now 1-15 (yes I count the pre-season games), and its probably a little late to get frustrated. But yesterday's second half was so bad that it makes you wonder if they threw the game. Remind me not to invite John Foxx as a 1/2 time motivational speaker anytime soon or to have Smith do any pet sitting for me. More on next season, the lock out and the next head coach from Jeff Taylor at the Meck Deck which is here.

WikiLeaks - Nothing worst than finding out someone has hacked into your email account and read all of your rants about your neighbor, boyfriend, ex-wife, or about your drug deals, government bribes or next corporate takeover target. Especially if you happen to be the United States Federal Government. Caught with your pants down, the only thing you can do it threaten arrests and claim treason and espionage.

On the other hand if your an American citizen and they hack into your GMail account then its just our government doing their job under the patriot act.

Cedar Says: Its a pretty sad reflection on our government's ability to protect and to keep their computers secure. In the age of the Internet we as citizens have come to accept that there is no privacy, so hows it feel Washington?

Tiger Woods - Golf's golden child choked and went back to his club throwing ways on Sunday.

Tiger reacts after missing a putt on the seventh green during the final round of the Chevron World Challenge golf tournament at Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sunday, Dec. 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Gus Ruelas)

Woods blew a four-shot lead as US Open Champion Graeme McDowell sunk an awesome birdie putt on 72nd hole to force a playoff, then holed a birdie on the first hole of sudden death finish off the number 2 ranked Woods.


Anonymous said...

Cool pics of the Golden Seas.

Anonymous said...

Steve Smith is watching his life and that Superbowl ring slip away.

Too bad his ego will kept him off the field after 2011.

Anonymous said...

Panthers or Tiger Woods its a draw as to which is more hated.