Friday, December 17, 2010

Musical Interlude

Changing things up just a little, Cedar Posts is hearing a lot of bitching and moaning about the cold weather here in the Carolina's and all I can say is try spending a winter in Russia.

The video below was shot in the city of Chelyabinsk, located in the foothills of the Ural Mountains, where the forecast this weekend includes a rather balmy high of 4F and nice cool low of -23F. But that is not a big deal since five months of winter is normal in this place comrade.

During the Cold War the city did not appear on any official maps and was a closed off atomic zone, which produced tanks and the first atomic bombs of the Soviet Union. Chelyabinsk, was closed to all foreigners and journalists for 45 years. Then in January of 1992 President Boris Yeltsin signed a decree that openned this city to the world.

For decades the atomic complex Mayak has let out radioactive water directly into the Techa - Chelyabinsk's largest river. Scientists and environmental organizations call the area, "one of the the most polluted places" on earth.

In a stunning contrast to its war industry, the city has a very vibrant dance scene. Masha Greif featured in the video is well known through out Eastern Europe but completely unknown in the West.

The song "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation will be familiar to Twilight fans, its haunting lyrics and vocals combined with images of Chelyabinsk's cold post soviet look, should give you an idea what real cold weather is like.

But once you embrace the cold there is much to do in this city of 1 million, check out Christmas at Chelyabinsk's Revolution Square here.

Cedar Says:

Погода может быть холодно, но русские девушки так жарко.


Anonymous said...

Now that is one strange ass video, I can see why it didn't get any air time on MTV.

The link to the panaramo is pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

That is one cold place. I thought your temp forecast was total BS. Just to amp up the story. Nope I was wrong it really is that cold there.

I am sorry for doubting you cedar.