Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NCDOT and Charlotte DOT 485 Fail!

In news passed over by the "Local Paper" even though it affects more than 140,000 people in South Charlotte, North Carolina transportation officials announced earlier this month that they are scrapping the North Bound 521/Johnston Road Flyover at I-485 in favor of adding an extra left turn lane to the ramp for 485 Inner, and extending that land all the way to NC Hwy 51/Pineville Matthews Road.

The removal of the fly-over will save around a million dollars or 20% of the project's cost.

The flyover, as proposed, would have taken the place of the left-turn lane drivers now use as they go north out of Ballantyne. The flyover which is already graded would start on the right side of Johnston Road northbound and take drivers over the roadway before merging in the on-ramp for the I-485 inner loop.

The extra cost of the flyover bridge, which would not require drivers to wait to turn, “would be the best million dollars ever spent,” one resident at the meeting said, drawing a round of applause according to the South Charlotte Weekly.

Twanna Brooks, a project engineer for the DOT, said her agency was planning construction of a flyover bridge until "Charlotte transportation leaders" said they preferred the extra turn lane off of Johnston Road. State and city officials decided to take the less expensive option that gives drivers the extra lane connecting Johnston and Pineville-Matthews roads.

A public hearing on the proposed work, should be scheduled early next year, but don't get too excited as the NCDOT's time table calls for completion not until 2015.


Anonymous said...

Cedar do you hate everyone? Be thankful someone at Charlotte City Council has enough pull to get something done about 485 in South Charlotte. Jeeez!

Anonymous said...

I drive 485 from Lancaster five days a week. It is a nightmare unless I leave by 6AM.

Going the other way 485 backs up at 77 as early as 3:30 on Weekdays sooner if there is an accident.

North Carolina DOT is freaking crazy!

Charleston is 1/4 the size of Charlotte and they have 8 lanes into town and a beltway that will be finished next year.

Anonymous said...

I live about 1 1/2 miles north off that mess. When I read "Charlotte transportation leaders" said they preferred the extra turn lane off of Johnston Road.
I couldn't believe it. Not only is it a mess, it's not safe. I cringe when I drive past the long line fearing that someone is going to jump out of the line right in to me. The extra turn lane is just going to make 2 1/2 mile long lines waiting to turn.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:02 You are not alone.

City and NC officals have sold us out. CLT CC members Cooksey and Dulin voted approval for the change, which is nuts!

ThaQueenCity said...

TO 10:19am: Is that you Dulin?